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Search results for 'funk' found 367 listings

"THE NEW FAT" — Sarnia, ON
Genre: THE NEW FAT is a 3-piece rock 'n funk over-the-top unapologetic expedition into a unique world of philosophy, sexual misadventures and psychonautic exploration.

info/booking/abuse: John (519)541-0075

[Official site: ]

)SAMSARA( — Kitchener, ON
Genre: Playin' the )Shufflefunk Blues( Funky rockin' blues licks and shuffle beats laced together with female vocals
[Official site:]

:: kostanza :: — flesherton, ON
Genre: With the ingredients and sophistication of jazz fueled with the fury and aggression of hardcore, sprinkled with funk, ambience and a bit of 'je ne sais quoi', Kostanza has managed to fuse together a truely unique sound they claim as 'Progressive Jazzcore'
[Official site: ]

3 shouts — Calgary, AB
Genre: A powerful blend of Metal, Hip-Hop, Funk and Latin music, consisting of 3 members. Check this boyz out as soon as possible and prepare your ass to the strong high power, bone crushing, ear drum hyper vibrations of "3 shouts" music.
[Official site:]

68 BPM — Hamilton, ON
Genre: Melodic space funk
[Official site:]

8BaLL — Montreal, QC
Genre: Rock, Classic rock, funk... etc..

AcidBass PH Level — Montreal, QC
Genre: Montreal's experimental groove band mixing funk, disco, and punk.
[Official site:]

Afflatus — Toronto, ON
Genre: Our music is groove-based rock, with funk, jazz and reggae influences... the kind of stuff you love to dance to.
[Official site: ]

After The Lounge — London, ON
Genre: After The Lounge is an original 4 piece funk/rock/dance band from London, Ontario, Canada
[Official site: ]

A-Jo — Edmonton, AB
Genre: an ecclectic mix of elements from various genres, including pop, alt rock, funk, hip-hop, electronica, punk and folk. highly original -- you've never heard another band like us.
[Official site:]

Alex Hutch — Calgary, AB
Genre: I play a 5 string fretless Bass. Original R&B, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Reggae are in my spirit and tastes. Freeform is not a problem.

Antizario — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Live, groove-oriented, electronica-influenced music that emcompasses nu-jazz, hip-hop, funk and ambient grooves.
[Official site: ]

ApostrophE — Brampton, ON
Genre: our music is a mix of various influences coming together to form a new sort of rock genre. influences from funk bass, to some crushing drums and bluesy/scorching guitar
[Official site:]

ApostrophE (new) — Brampton, ON
Genre: our music is a brilliant fusion of all worlds of music, everything from jungle/funk/rock/jazz/blues.. we blend our variety of influences into something new, exciting and groundbreaking..
[Official site: ]

Arlibido — Halifax, NS
Genre: Halifax's rock ska sex funk electric danceomatic pop punk trio.
[Official site:]

Astro — Fergus, ON
Genre: An amazing mix of cartoon inspired jazz/funk and breakbeats. Check them out at
[Official site:]

Atomic Funk — Nanaimo, BC
Genre: 80's Metal Arena Rock Van Halen Ozzy Metallica Iron Maiden 80's AC DC mp3's. Check out our new live studio recordings mp3s.

[Official site: ]

b.u.m.p. — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: hard rock with a funky eerie, edge and smart, sassy lyrics
[Official site: ]

Bais Groove — Toronto, ON
Genre: Rhythmic and funky: Toronto's hottest new band. With a concentration on contemporary folk, Israeli, and traditional melody. Suitable for almost any occasion, this 7 piece band will keep you dancing and focused, with their powerful presense and energy.
[Official site:]

Bent Roads — Vancouver, BC
Genre: A little rock, a little jazz, a little funk. Lots of jams.
[Official site: ]

Better Off Red — Saskatoon, SK
Genre: Where modern and classic rock collide: like Melissa Etheridge channeling Janis Joplin. Add in a little retro funk, an overlay of blues, a Top 40 feel and stay for a beer while you're visiting.
[Official site: ]

Big Soul Project — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Gospel - Soulful, Funky Gospel Music
[Official site: ]

Billy and The Bruisers — St. John's, NF
Genre: A ten-piece band influenced primarily by RnB, funk and soul, as is evident in the song repetoire, as well as a healthy dose of classic rock.
[Official site:]

Billy's Flick — Inverness, NS
Genre: An interesting arangement of folk, funk, pop and rock, blended together from such a wide variety of influences that it's completly unique.

Black Tie Affair — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funk / Blues / Soul / R&B
[Official site: ]

BLUSH — St.Catharines, ON
Genre: "The Best Live Rock, Funk and Blues Around"! BLUSH is a band that makes your whole body and mind go through different levels in one night. From the getting down, body shaking of rock and roll, to relaxing flashbacks of classics.

Boobie Browne & the Onions — Montreal, QC
Genre: Funky, bluesy instrumental finger pluckin' guitar with a rock edge
[Official site: ]

Boomdaddy — GTA +, ON
Genre: Blues, R&B, Funk & Classic
[Official site: ]

Bryce's Carivan — Kitchener, ON
Genre: we have the mix of a punk drummer, a funk bassist, tachnical and grunge guitarists, and an origional singer. we have a great sound, kind of a funky mix between radiohead and weezer

Burlap — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Burlap is a mixture of rap/funk/dance with a focus of creating and forging there own style.
[Official site:]

BushLeague — New Westminster, BC
Genre: Diverse rock music with a multitude of influences from funk, to punk, and beyond. All wrapped together it creates a listenable, fun, driving breed of rock that is starting to become popular.
[Official site: ]

bystander — Waterloo, ON
Genre: If you want a nifty label, how about Funky-Pop-Punk. What's that? The best description would be loud, raw and contagious.
[Official site:]

Camel Toe — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Funky grungy rock with a sliver of metal and a touch of blues.
[Official site:]

Camille Douglas — Toronto, ON
Genre: Smooth R&B funk.
[Official site:]

Carmelina Cupo — Burnaby, BC
Genre: Carmelina's debut album is a unique pop album, that has layers of acoustic guitar, anchored with funky drum loops. The songs are very melodic. Carmelina defeated over 700 entries to win the B.C. portion of the 2000 Canadian National Songwriting Contest.
[Official site:]

Carole Allison — London, ON
Genre: Carole Allison and The Sweetback Papas.....Four piece band, featuring London's vocal powerhouse, Carole Allison in a unique combination of blues standards, good old soul music, and energized free style funk.
[Official site: ]

Cartoon Khaki — Brantford, ON
Genre: Punk/rock/ska/jazz/funk everything
[Official site:]

C-Funk and the Drunken Bastards — Hamilton, ON
Genre: We are a combination of hardcore blues, funk, rock with some dub influnces.

Charly BUSS — Montreal, QC
Genre: Buss' original flavour comes through in a saucy mix of alt-rock, trip-pop and sexy crop of funky chops with a chillin' reggae feel.
[Official site:]

Chemical Peace — Nanaimo, BC
Genre: Combination of rock, funk and metal.
[Official site: ]

Chillin' With Marcello — Windsor, ON
Genre: We are a funky-folk group, with tight guitar work. Focusing on putting relevance back into music, we are not afraid to try anything, punk, hip-hop, jazz, metal, ambient dance, doesn't matter, it's all music.
[Official site:]

Chocolate Covered Nipples — Abbotsford BC, BC
Genre: Jazz - Funk - 50~60's Rock n' Roll - Swing Music
[Official site: ]

Chris Brown & Kate Fenner — Toronto, ON
Genre: "I don't think I've heard a more soulful album this year ... a beautiful, touching and very funky album that marries a powerful social consciousness with superb songwriting." - Ottawa Xpress. Formerly of the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir.
[Official site:]

Genre: Psychedelic Blues Rock with a Jam Band flare for Improvisation. Solid rock and funk with old school influences.
[Official site:]

Chris Haspeck — GTA (Etobicoke), ON
Genre: Fresh funky/rock/R&B ...with a progressive latin edge

Circulate — Toronto, ON
Genre: Circulate is an eclectic brand of funky groove rock. Taking elements of such artists as Stevie Wonder, The Police, Jamiroquai, and The Philosopher Kings to create their own brand of funk.
[Official site:]

CODE — Torbay, NF
Genre: CODE has blended the rich and ecclectic styles of its 5 members into a groove led, funk-infused pop sound that will sure to leave you wanting for more.

Colin Linden — Toronto, ON
Genre: From nasty, roller-rink, Mustang Sallyesque funk to twangy up-tempo gospeliciousness, this is the man who knows how to shake things up!
[Official site:]

Colin Noseworthy — Bay Roberts, NF
Genre: My music can range from Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, or a combination of each.

Come The Dawn — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: We feature music that breaks down the barriers between genres and offer our audiences a variety to please every palette. A surprising mix of jazz, funk and progressive rock.
[Official site: ]

Cooldown — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Funky, slinky, the bastard child of Massive Attack and Morcheeba born on the west coast.
[Official site:]

Coolharp — Toronto, ON
Genre: Cover tunes, motown, blues, jazz, rock. Think - Funk brothers, Kenny Burrell, Greenhornes, Beatles etc. Looking for drummer, bass player, guitar & keyboard. I play all of the above as well, so can alternate. I have a gig at The Rex on march 30th.

cozybones — Vancouver, BC
Genre: An eclectic mix of rock, pop, trance and funk through a punk rock salad shooter.
[Official site:]

Cranston Fields — Calgary, AB
Genre: The Fat of the Fatty Funk Groups in Calgary Today. Leading the scene to sway to a New Groove, Cranston Fields has the feel of James Brown jamming With Rage Against The Machine hangin' With Bob Marley, and pullin' styles with 311. Unique? Well.....?

Crossover — Kamloops, BC
Genre: Kamloops one and only "Good time Classic Rock, Funk'n Blues Party Band"
[Official site:]

Cruel Shoes — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Urban Poppy FUNK with a French twist.
[Official site: ]

Curvilinear — Toronto, ON
Genre: CURVILINEAR playing modern, original funky Friday, November 28th Blue Moon 725 Queen Street East (416-463-8868) Featuring Joel Schwartz; guitar Ryan McGinn; tenor Steve Zuccala; drums Scott Kemp; bass and Karen Mackenzie; vox

Dalai Lamas — Saskatoon, SK
Genre: The Dalai Lamas are a funk oasis in a prairie wasteland. Within the boundaries of danceable music, the Lamas explore everything from reggae, Latin, and hip-hop, and incorporate these into their own to create a sound that is uniquely theirs.
[Official site:]

Dalbello — Toronto, ON
Genre: Poetic lacerations sung powerfully on top of a bleeding bass groove and gnarling guitars riffs enact a slaughter on all the funk arteries and sensibilities that would even leave Trent Reznor ravenous.
[Official site:]

David Hein — Toronto, ON
Genre: High-energy roots rock mixing Dave Mathews-esque acoustic funk with "tortured, revealing ballads" like Blue Rodeo. Inventive soulful lyrics and a rocking live show!
[Official site: ]

DEADline — Kindersley, SK
Genre: Our sound transcends all genres our sound combines elements of classical blues funk rock swing punk and strait out balls to the wall metal.
[Official site:]

degenerates — toronto, ON
Genre: degenerates is a fusion of many styles of music. Rock,punk,hip-hop,reagae,funk.
[Official site:]

Denosh — Toronto, ON
Genre: "...sensuous funk, incredible dance performances, and meaningful lyrics." - BeatFactory
[Official site:]

[Official site: ]

dither — Toronto, ON
Genre: Progressive alternative original music with influences from ska, rock, punk and funk!
[Official site:]

Divine Heist — Saint John, NB
Genre: Divine Heist is a Funk-Rock ensemble whose live performances are captivating audiences across Atlantic Canada. Leaning towards Pop Rock, Funk and Disco beats is what keeps Divine Heist crowds in constant motion and wanting more and more after their high e
[Official site: ]

DJs Egg Foo & Jung — Montreal, QC
Genre: Inspiring music for inspired people, DJs Egg Foo & Jung spin only the grooviest, heaviest, most uplifting vintage soul, funk and punk.

dkode — Toronto, ON
Genre: An unbeleivably energetic and talented Funk/Rock band from Toronto, ON
[Official site: ]

Downstroke — Toronto, ON
Genre: Toronto's premier Showband performs authentic R&B Funk Soul and Old School Dance
[Official site: ]

Dr. Huxtable — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Inspriational funk rock grooves
[Official site:]

DUSK — Montreal, QC
Genre: Hardcore silky smooth garage dirtwood cocaine acoustic funked out tripped up ambient soulful semi-christian super-jewish fundamentalist bent-inside noisy good pseudo-political laminated skewered planted varnished *pause* ghetto palendromic rock.

DysfunktionaL — Timberlea, NS
Genre: Guitaring of a mix between Linkin Park and Distrubed. Drumming is loud thumping noises..LOL! and Bassist is awesome!

East of Me — Lethbridge, AB
Genre: powerpop/rock to the max! we integrate all types of style into our music; including reggae, funk, and rap. if u like music, you'll like East of Me!
[Official site:]

EddibleFunk — Kitchener, ON

Edison Machine — Hamilton, ON
Genre: A mix of funk, rock, jazz, blues & metal ... we have something for everyone!!!
[Official site:]

Edmonton Block Heater — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Rock/pop/roots/funk/folk. Picture Wilco, Jayhawsks, Matthew Sweet, Crowded House all in one package. You like? Yes. Yes, you like....
[Official site: ]

EFSHARP — Toronto, ON
Genre: Efsharp (aka Sam Fleming) is a local deejay, producer, musician, techie and teacher, best known as promoter of the monthly event presented by the Word is Mightier called FOOOD. Part of the Recipe crew, with Toye, he blends hiphop and funk styles to promo
[Official site: ]

Electric Blues Euphoria — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Dynamic blues/funk/rock power trio. Think Hendrix/RHCP/SRV/Blues Traveller. Featuring souped-up drumming, wah-flooded guitar riffs and funked-out basslines, E.B.E have incorporated diverse musical styles to create a unique, powerful sound.
[Official site: ]

electricsoul — London, ON
Genre: an electrifying mix of r&b, soul and funk....we take you on a funky journey through the 60's, 70's and 80's...appealing to all audiences.

Emma-Lee — Toronto, ON
Genre: A funky blend of bossa nova, soul and drum and bass.
[Official site: ]

Erin Smith Band — Hamilton, ON
Genre: funky-punky-folk-pop
[Official site:]

Esthero — Toronto, ON
Genre: In her own words, Esthero makes "music to shag to." It's an electric beat, with latin, hip-hop, funk, soul and various other styles thrown in for fun.!
[Official site:]

Every Other Sunday — Oakville, ON
Genre: A rock fusion of sorts, but think Joni Mitchell in a jam band with a punk/funk edge.
[Official site:]

Fecund Farrago — Alexandria, ON
Genre: we're a metal/funk/jazz/musique concrete/experimental/happy-fun good-time band from eastern ontario. we have free downloads available at our website and a forum, so you can let us know what you think.
[Official site: ]

Fingers Melone — Calgary, AB
Genre: Funk, Jazz and Motown, melded to a James Bond soundtrack via welding torch. A Retro vibe can distinctly be heard with reflections toward riff based groove movements of the seventies.
[Official site:]

FIREWALL — Niagara Falls, ON
Genre: Alt/rock, prog/rock, I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace. A funky base and a fully progressive and alternative rock feel. Completely original and worthy of radio.
[Official site:]

Five Alarm Funk — Vancouver, BC

FiVE STAR AFFAiR — Calgary, AB
Genre: Reggae/Ska/Rawk/Funk AND Jazz.... nice mix of all.... yum!
[Official site: ]

Flamingo Fetus — Stratford, ON
Genre: A combination of metal and funk and jazz and I guess a little bit of punk. These styles combine to create a sound they call applehead chemistry.
[Official site:]

Fluid — Halifax, NS
Genre: A blend of rock, jazz, and funk.
[Official site: ]

Fly Jimmy Swift — Glace Bay, NS
Genre: High energy progressive pop rock, at times very funky and always danceable. Catchy tunes and hooks yet never cliché. Formerly known as PF Station.
[Official site:]

form one — north bay, ON
Genre: form one plays rock music, but with obvious jazz and funk influences.
[Official site: ]

Franklin's Fault — Toronto, ON
Genre: The sound is an intentional mix of the most energetic components of ska, funk, hip-hop, and rock, with just the right amount of theatrics.
[Official site: ]

Freedom Train — Hamilton, ON
Genre: Classic Rock, R&B, Funk and Original music
[Official site: ]

Freeflow — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Check, check it. Freeflow. There's something happening here in Vancouver BC. There is a pocket of groove reverberating out of Vancouver's Eastside. Anything goes, from punk to funk, live to sample, structure to stream.
[Official site: ]

Genre: Music includes elements of soul, funk, raggae, rock and pop.
[Official site: ]

Frostbyte — Brighton, ON
Genre: We can play it all, from Dave Matthews to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, we put our own funky sound into everything we play.

full fathom — barrie, ON
Genre: weird brand of demented funk. lots of influences, but wanting to BE the influence.
[Official site:]

funky stuph — brampton, ON

Furnaceface — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Friendly punks who funk up metal and make your Mom want to scream.
[Official site:]

Fuss — Mississauga, ON
Genre: Fuss is a really inovated band with catchy groves, and powerful metal, in-your-face guitar riffs mended all together. Fuss is what you can call "Funk/Disco Metal" Fuss are certainly on the right track to making the type of music they play big.
[Official site:]

G.U.M. — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Jazz/Rock/Funk/More. Inspired by everyone from Miles Davis to Nine Inch Nails to James Brown to the Police and more!
[Official site: ]

Gangster Politics — Montreal, QC
Genre: An eclectic mix of ska-based jazz, funk, dub, reggae and rock... Montreal's premier ska musicians... new album produced by Moon Ska NYC's Victor Rice... exciting and intense live shows!
[Official site:]

Gardening With Alice — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: Hard-core funk tinged improvisational jazz.
[Official site:]

Garrison Creek — Buckhorn, ON
Genre: Old-time Canadian fiddle band with a funky urban edge delivers songs and tunes of the woods and wilds.
[Official site:]

geneticdrift — Nanaimo, BC
Genre: We are alternative rock with heavy funk and jamming influences.
[Official site: ]

Glueleg — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funky rock with angry percussion, frenetic bass lines and a very strong groove.
[Official site:]

goddamn wolves — North Bay, ON
Genre: Keep the funk alive and also keep yourselves off the street!!!
[Official site: ]

Gorilla Monsoon — Victoria, BC
Genre: Funk Metal - If you take some Rage Against The Machine, mix it with some Slipknot, a dash of Disturbed, and a heaping of Primus you get something you have never heard before in Gorilla Monsoon.
[Official site:]

GRAFFITI PARK — all of Toronto/international, ON
Genre: Graffiti Park plays it all - R&B, Rock,Hiphop,Funk,Reggae,Dance,latin,etc. With more than 500 songs in our repertoire, we can entertain any group or taste. A top rated nightclub act, we tour around the world playing corporate parties & resorts.
[Official site: http://www.GRAFFITIPARK.NET/ ]

Grassroot Deviation — Edmonton, AB
Genre: Roots, Rock and Funk!
[Official site: ]

Genre: FunkyClapton CountryCash QRock retro garage band with a big sound and some girls.

GreenTaRA — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Vancouver-based singer/songwriter GreenTaRA performs a distinct hybrid of live acoustic and soul music. Influenced by jazz, funk, reggae, blues and old skool hip hop, GreenTaRAs distinct voice delivers a positive message through thought-provoking lyrics
[Official site: ]

Greg Harrison Experiment — Fredericton, NB
Genre: A nutritious blend of Funk, Rock-Blues, and Jazz.
[Official site:]

Gregory Scott Bollert — London, ON
Genre: Full fledge...Pop/Funk/Rock with an energetic frontman......check it out...
[Official site:]

Groove Candy — Cranbrook, BC
Genre: Groove Candy is an eclectic blend of explosive original music from deep in the Kootenays of British Columbia. With a very unique blend of funk, soul, alternative, ska, jazz, R & B and Reggae and rock, Groove Candy can please any audience.
[Official site: ]

ground level defied — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Ground Level Defied. Creating NEW music for the Nations Capital... A three piece, Heavy-Alternative-Hypno-Funk sound, (three part vocals on top of it all) that overwhelms and toys with your inner energy, leaving you wanting more...
[Official site: ]

GRUVE — cayuga, ON
Genre: a unique combination of funk,reggae,rock,advanced house rock, and alternative

Guerrilla Funk Monster — Calgary, AB

Hadrian Seven — Halifax, NS
Genre: Hadrian Seven is a hard rock band with powerful vocals and amazing technical guitar riffs. Hadrian Seven combines elements of punk, alternative rock, funk and nu-metal creating a sound sound that is almost familiar, yet completely unique.
[Official site:]

Handle — Toronto, ON
Genre: Handle have been on the sceen under another band name till now for 8 years and play funky-rock music with an edge.

Harrison Lake — Toronto, ON
Genre: The Harrison Lake debut album 'Chapters' features 4 different genres - one for each 'chapter', alternative rock, funk/blues, accoustic, and electronic. MP3's will be available for download by mid November.

Hidden Tower — Grand Falls, NB
Genre: Blues, funk, rock, alternative, progressive and jazz are part of their repertoire.
[Official site: ]

HIGH DIVING ACT — Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph, ON
Genre: Popular Classic/Modern/Pop/Rock/Folk/R&B/Funk/Blues Covers
[Official site: ]

Highwater — Halifax, NS
Genre: HIGHWATER is an alcohol based substance consisting mostly of rock and roll but with devious undertones of funk, jazz, country, and bad moods. With a distinctive metal edge that is at once full-bodied and lippy, Highwater strives always to refresh.
[Official site: ]

Home free — St. Albert, AB
Genre: We are an energetic fusion of funk, rock, jazz, and pop
[Official site:]

Hurricane Churchill — Brighton, ON
Genre: Hurricane Churchill is a new sound to the Toronto-Kingston area. The band plays a funk/rock style very similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hurricane Churchill writes its own music as well as plays covers by various artists such as the Red Hot Chili Pepp
[Official site: ]

Hypertufa — Kelowna, BC
Genre: High energy, Roots Rock, Soul, Funk, Reggae.
[Official site:]

Idle Mind — Edmonton, AB
Genre: Jazzy, funky, melodic, thick new school metal band.
[Official site:]

Inconnu — Whitehorse, YK
Genre: A curiously cozy marriage of voices is supported by acoustic guitar, accordion, keyboards, drums, lots of harmonies, and one of Canada's finest funk tuba players.
[Official site:]

Genre: Tight, aggressive blend of Hardcore, Metal,Thrash and Funk

Inland — halifax, NS
Genre: Good fun music, blues funk rock whit pop sensibility!
[Official site:]

Insipid — Port Coquitlam, BC
Genre: Funky Eire von satan infused metalliska impregnated by the sperm of lars in a dirty womb without a view.
[Official site: ]

J&W — Toronto, ON
Genre: We serve up a style that we describe as "funkabilly rockabluesy folk". We've been compared to BNL - and maybe more if we played more often :)
[Official site:]

J.R. Raptile — Ste-Foy, QC
Genre: Electronic music. Progressive-electro, downtempo, Techno, Experimental,funk, and many more genres to come.
[Official site: ]

Janine Stoll — Toronto, ON
Genre: Janine Stoll writes honest and often edgy music. It's very lyrically based, with huge vocal dynamics. The genres range from folk, to rock, and even to border-line punk and funk.
[Official site:]

Jesse C Richard — York Region, ON
Genre: R& B, Funk, Blues , Classic Rock

Jester — Newmarket, ON
Genre: Funk R&B blues

JimmiA — Toronto, ON
Genre: Descriptive High Energy Edge-Rock with some Funk & Soul eliments.
[Official site:]

Johnny Cajun — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: Cajun/Zydeco/Funk fusion
[Official site: ]

Jomomma — Brantford, ON
Genre: a hybrid of lilting melody and thumping down-home funk
[Official site:]

Jonathan Schaden — Montreal, QC
Genre: We hear our music as hard rock with a little bit of everything else. Sometimes we like it loud, sometimes soft, sometimes funky. We like to write different sorts of songs in order to keep it fresh.
[Official site:]

Joyslam — Toronto, ON
Genre: JOYSLAM: Funky Groove with Attitude!!
[Official site:]

jugmilkjuice — brampton, ON
Genre: they say that we play funkadelic-tronica...we agree!
[Official site:]

JUICE — Toronto, ON
Genre: Hard rock, rap-core blend.Penetratingly heavy, yet funky. Maybe a little nine inch nails too
[Official site:]

Jukejoint — Toronto, ON
Genre: funky-assed-in the pocket-groovy-jazz flavour
[Official site:]

JustStayCalm — Vancouver, BC
Genre: We're coming from a punk background and drawing influence from Bruce Cockburn, The Refused, Don Ross, The Haunted, Dream Theater, Opeth, Simon & Garfunkel, and of course Mandy Moore.
[Official site: ]

KAEJEMA — Vancouver, BC
Genre: FUNKDUBJAZZ groove band
[Official site: ]

Kelly Davies and The Dirty Little Swing Thing — Toronto and Area, ON
Genre: Swing, Funk and R&B that gets people moving on the dance floor
[Official site: ]

Genre: Hardcore Power-Funk-Experi-Metal trio...everyone should experience the all-out gratuitous sludge-fest that is KEMIZTRY as least once in their lifetime!!!...the most explosive North American export since the A-Bomb!
[Official site:]

kenghk — Kitchener, ON
Genre: Funk-ass power groove with hooks that'll kick your ear on its ass.
[Official site:]

kick ass funky — brampton, ON

KickShaw — Victoria, BC
Genre: High-energy acoustic rock with a strong funk influence.
[Official site:]

King Cobb Steelie — Toronto, ON
Genre: Electronic dance fed through an intelligent jazz-funk sensibility, sub-woofer melting dub mixing and movie soundtrack atmospherics. Experimental and very cool.
[Official site: ]

King Street Healers — Regina, SK
Genre: A groove based rock and funk band with a swampy vibe.
[Official site:]

King Sunshine — Toronto, ON
Genre: 11 piece infectious live house, deep funk, sweet soul, latin, jazz, and rare groove. Boasting a three piece horn section, three vocalists, and a power house five piece rhythm secetion exhalted for their marathon seamless sets and bridging the gap between

Kira Haug — Kamloops, BC
Genre: Kira is well known for her raw, sexy and natural combination of stylings in gospel,latin, R&B, hiphop and funk music combined with the energenic vocal performance of Dance/House music and tribal percussive shows.
[Official site: ]

Klave y Kongo — Toronto, ON
Genre: A live 7-piece Afro-Cuban Son Troupe. Klave Y Kongo have been rocking College St's Cervejaria scene for umpteen Fridays with their eminently danceable, funky style. A heavily percussive, serious lesson in Cuban rhythm and dance.
[Official site:]

K-OS — Toronto, ON
Genre: Blending the eclectic goodness of the Fugees with tribal funk grooves of Native Tounge-ers like A Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Brothers, and a love for all things musical, K-OS opens the door to new possibilities in Hip-Hop music.
[Official site:]

KubZavod — Toronto, ON
Genre: East-European Drunk Circus Funkish Ska
[Official site: ]

Lab Cap & The Monkey Mob — Toronto, ON
Genre: A fusion of funk, jazz and ambient psychedelia for your mind, body and soul.

Ladybird Sideshow — Toronto, ON
Genre: "The Ladybird Sideshow features four accomplished singer-songwriters, Melissa McClelland, Erin Smith, Janine Stoll and Lisa Winn blending country, folk, funk, soul, blues and pop, creating mesmorizing live performances and sellout shows."
[Official site:]

LarG Productions — Calgary/Vancouver, AB
Genre: LarG Productions features a number of "bands" and "artists" playing everything from hiphop to punk, folk to funk. Music, info, art, etc @
[Official site: ]

Lava Kazu — Kamloops, BC
Genre: Lava Kazu is an amazing high energy group who is dripping with talent and has been playing across the interior of BC for the last 4 years. Blending the sounds of clasic funk with the contemporary grooves of Modern R&B, this band has been described and a
[Official site:]

Levon — Calgary, AB
Genre: Looking to start one or 2 projects, or both. 1- R'n'B/soul/funk/jazz influenced band. I write, sing (voice is main) and chord on the keys. Need musicians...start with bass and drummer..but all inquiries welcome. 2- R'n'B/soul/pop male singing group. Need

Lilith — Toronto, ON
Genre: Fronted by sensational vocalist Jeen O'Brien, Lilith play pounding, ethereal songs with strong melodies and powerful lyrics over funk/ jazz/ rock bass, drums and guitar.
[Official site: ]

Liquified — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Canada's only live funked-out Drum 'n Bass collective featuring the lovely NICKI and SACHA on the mics and DJ PHO on the decks. If you dig deep, aggressive beats mixed with soulful vocals and jazzy hip-hop, then this is for you.
[Official site:]

Lisa Angela — Toronto, ON
Genre: A mix of rock, soul, funk and jazz, Lisa Angela has been compared to Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Cheryl Crow and David Gray.
[Official site: ]

little loco — kitchener, ON
Genre: blues with a funky attitude

Lock 8 & the Borderline Horns — Niagara Falls, ON
Genre: Niagara regions best horn band. Classic covers from the 60's to today. Tom Jones, Chicago, Rolling Stones to Santana, Van Morrison and Ricky Martin. R & B, funk, Disco, Rock and more. 8 piece band with a 4 piece horn section. Dance your night away!
[Official site:]

Lounge Act — Kingston, ON
Genre: Pop rock with a real groove-funk feel to it. Hip-hop influenced lyrics.

Lowdown — Toronto, ON
Genre: One word? Jazz. More? OK. It's the real funk poetry. Rocks because it has no choice and neither do you. Monk needs a DJ. Es la musica sin fronteras. Improvised - like your life. Avant-rap-metal tears your head off and pours sweet reggae in your soul...
[Official site:]

LUMPy — Victoria, BC
Genre: LUMPy combines styles from hardcore punk, blues, jazz, metal, rock, swing and funk into a hearty musical stew. This aint no regular Canadian band, eh. LUMPy's motto is simple: entertain or get off the stage. LUMPy songs are all about originality.
[Official site:]

Mad Pudding — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Internationally acclaimed Canadian Celtic Funk band MAD PUDDING is renowned for fun-filled and skillful performances of Canadian traditional music and original songs. 
[Official site:]

Magnus Haze — Halifax, NS
Genre: Etheral, sweet vocals intertwined with playful guitar riffs and energetic harmonies place Magnus Haze in a genre of it's own--somewhere in the obscured void between groove rock and funk rock. Heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pump
[Official site:]

Majority D — Windsor, ON
Genre: hard punk with harmony

Mamaguroove — Dunster, BC
Genre: Tribal Funk
[Official site:]

Mary Jane Lamond — Cape Breton, NS
Genre: Singing exclusively in Scottish Gaelic, Lamond simultaneously fuses pop and funk, with hand-made percussion, Highland bagpipes, Irish bodhran and cello. The result is a meeting of two distinct and dynamic musical cultures. The Celtic effect is nothing sho
[Official site: ]

Matt Hryhorsky — Toronto, ON
Genre: Soulful, funky, and fresh. A concoction of funk, rock, jazz, pop and RnB that will not only make you wanna get up and dance, but also lets you just sit back and groove. Stevie meet Mayer meet Jamiroquai.
[Official site: ]

Max — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funky Rock guitar players looking for all members original stuff

Mean Bucket Sounds — Montreal, QC
Genre: Aggressive funk
[Official site:]

memachine — Whitehorse, YK
Genre: Mellow and driving folk with a funk groove. Initially for the clinically insane, now for the undiagnosed as well.
[Official site:]

Mervano — Edmonton, AB
Genre: A blend of Pop, Dance, Funk and Bhangra, giving listeners a special blend of modern pop music with an eastern flavour.
[Official site: ]

Michael Gray — Toronto, ON
Genre: Fresh sound. Solid rock band with touches of R&B, C&W, Funk, Blues, Pop, and Roots rock.

mike ferguson — mississauga, ON
Genre: Irish tenor sings simon/garfunkel,john denver,gordon lightfoot,and even andrea bocelli
[Official site: ]

Miss K — Vancouver, BC
Genre: I like all types of music....jazz, funk, rock, experimental, you name it. I am currently seeking like minded musicians to collaborate and perform live with.

ModernBoys ModernGirls — Toronto, ON
Genre: "ModernBoys ModernGirls" are a full flavoured meal with groovy/danceable beats, funky bass lines, driving guitars and rhythmic/melodic keys, topped with the sexy, soaring vocals of Aimee Mazzuka. Enough to make any music fan's taste buds erupt!

Moment of Inertia — Fredericton, NB
Genre: Moment of Inertia's sound is punctuated by a heavy, funk-rock groove. Their "High Impact" style of Rock can be described in 3 words..."Simple, Pure, Heavy".

More Or Les — Toronto, ON
Genre: Combining original, intelligent rhymes with live instruments, More or Les merges Hip Hop culture with funk instrumentals and bombastic beats.
[Official site:]

Morgan Finlay — Toronto, ON
Genre: style from substance.. Morgan Finlay's music, an organic mix of edgy modern-rock and easy funk, finds us all in both our most electrifying, and our quietest moments.. and pushes us to go back to familiar places, to get to know them again.
[Official site: ]

Moses Mayes & The Funk Family Orchestra — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: A blend of new and old school funk drawing influences from 70's groove heroes such as Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, and Deodato as well as recent artists such as Jamiroquai, Groove Collective, and the Beastie Boys.
[Official site:]

Moustache Verticale — Vancouver, BC
Genre: A mix of groovy, jazzy, popy Funk.
[Official site:]

MoYo Combo — Calgary, AB
Genre: I call us cow funk and groove rock. Fredy prefers warehouse office space funk. Moyo Combo is pleased to release their debut CD available at
[Official site: ]

Mr. Pubis — Oshawa, ON
Genre: A crazed funky mess in the spirit of primus and the police. This is quite the experience, kids!

Mr. Vladimir — Montreal, QC
Genre: A tight-unit, our repertoire consists of many songs, and with different influences. Our music mixes rock, funk, jazz, trouts, and powerful vocals and melodies. Make sure to catch us if we're in your town.
[Official site: ]

MuddCats — Kamloops, BC
Genre: modern blues with a funky edge
[Official site: ]

Mustard Smile — Edmonton, AB
Genre: rock, pop, funk, 80's
[Official site: ]

Nastic — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: Psychedelic funk, reggae, and rock.

Near Oblivion — Mississauga, ON
Genre: Pop, with celtic touch with a bit o' blues and funk lyrics are meaningful, muscianship is top rate

Negative Inc. — Thompson, MB
Genre: Founded in November 2003 in the Northern Manitoba City of Thompson. Negative Inc. is a mix of Hard Rock, Funk and blues. which leads to very unique sound.
[Official site: ]

NeonCrush — Markham, ON

A Powerful Dance Band....Specializing in Retro/Disco/Funk
[Official site: ]

Newspeak — Vancouver, BC
Genre: High-energy, intense, emotion-driven music with powerful melodies and inflections from african and eastern, to modern rock and funk.
[Official site: ]

NIGHTSHIFT Blues Band — St. Catharines, ON
Genre: From swingin' smooth jazz to rip-it-up tear down the house rocking blues, funk and R&B guaranteed to get the house jumpin"
[Official site: ]

No Orchestra — Brantford, ON
Genre: A truly unique blend of acid-jazz, funk N' punk, with alternative vocal stylings. Fast-paced off-beat timings that make for a challenging dance routine.

North of 7 — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Playing an up-tempo blend of acoustic Celtic Folk Rock, and with influences from Great Big Sea to Simon and Garfunkel to America, this acoustic duo melds percussive guitar work with tight harmonies to produce their own distinctive sound.
[Official site: ]

Number 3 Revolver — Hamilton, ON
Genre: n3r is a hard rock band with a little jazz and funk influence. Were about positivity and diversity. Our personal influences show that immensely. From deftones to incubus, Glassjaw to 311 and DasEFX. We thrive on emotions from the music.
[Official site:]

NUMBULUST — Victoria, BC
Genre: The Numbulust sound is hard to fit into one specific genre...kind of like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. With an edge toward alt/progressive rock, we don't limit ourselves or shy away from any musical style (rock, punk, reggae, metal, funk, e
[Official site:]

one small step — Vernon, BC
Genre: Rock and Roll with funky style beats.
[Official site:]

Orange — edmonton, AB


Oubekou — Montreal, QC
Genre: A unique duo featuring Ahmadou Ngome on sabar (traditional Senegalese drums) and Rodney Sothmann on bass. The music is a tightly arranged blend of Afro-Funk, traditional Senegalese drumming and jazz. Available for all contracts and events.
[Official site: ]

Out Of The Blues — Toronto, ON
Genre: Swing, Funk, Rock'N'Roll, Blues Cover Band.
[Official site: ]

Oxacah — Montreal, QC
Genre: We play pop music heavily influenced by funk, rock, reggae and jazz.
[Official site: ]

P.U.C.K. Crew — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Hick Metal Funk Punk Hip-Hop
[Official site: ]

Pailface Boogie — Burlington, ON
Genre: Pailface Boogie is in to original Psychedelic Jamrock Funk, & Groove. Inspired by such greats as The Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, and Neil Young, PFB have been spreading their unique style of jams at clubs and festivals allover thi
[Official site: ]

Paint — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Socially-conscious funkommunication.
[Official site: ]

PALE BLUE DOT — Burlington, ON
Genre: Original funk punk jazz rock.

PANGEA — Aurora, ON
Genre: Happy, funky, heavy rock!
[Official site:]

Parker's Lime — Calgary, AB
Genre: Indie Folk Rock with elements of Reggae/Ska a hint of Jazz and Funk...Yum.
[Official site: ]

Parkside Jones — Montreal, QC
Genre: Eclectic band mixing the influences of jazz-funk, post-rock and catchy gorgeous pop. Inventive melodies and spontaneous instrumental explosions.
[Official site:]

Passenger — Guelph,, ON
Genre: Passengers music has elements of funk, R&B soul, folk, reggae and jazz musics. More specifically one could say that, the Allman Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Van Morrison, Bill Withers, Neville Brothers, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Joh
[Official site: http://www, ]

Pavlov's Dogs — Toronto, ON
Genre: Multi-style original band, influensed by mr. bungle, radiohead, east-european music, latin music, world music, jazz, funk, rock, folk....
[Official site: ]

Peak The Bias — Burnaby, BC
Genre: Melodic Underground Punk Funk
[Official site: ]

Peter Smith Quartet — Toronto, ON
Genre: Mostly instrumental jazz with funk/blues and Latin leanings. Mostly guitar (as opposed to piano) mostly upright bass. Flute/sax main voice; fair bit of percussion and horn harmonies.
[Official site: ]

PHAT Q — Haliburton, ON
Genre: punk,heavey,hip-hop,melodic,grind,grunge,rock,funk, a sticky bag chok full of stylistic extreme musical versatility so (stick us in your pipe n hit up that musical freshness)

PhatMase — Victoria, BC
Genre: Hip-hop at its finest, funkiest, and freshest. PhatMase delivers high energy westcoast style rap out of Victoria BC.
[Official site:]

Philosopher Kings — Toronto, ON
Genre: A self-proclaimed pop band, the boys are often mislabelled as acid-jazz, funk or rockish-soul. Soft and sexy Zen-like melodies with melt-in-your-mouth harmonies, over hump and shuffle beats.
[Official site:]

Pigeon-Hole — Montreal, QC
Genre: Pigeon-Hole is raw cookie dough folk-funk poured through the blender and garnished with mystery ingredients. Mmmmmmm. yummy.
[Official site:]

Platypi — Toronto, ON
Genre: Jazz/Rock/Funk/Fusion
[Official site: ]

PORTCITIZEN — Charlottetown, PEI
Genre: rock/raggae/funk Rock steady yet unpredictable fun and very danceable
[Official site:]

Progressive Olive — Toronto, ON
Genre: It's hard to describe something that encorporates every possible genre in creating original music. Progressive Olive mixes rock, folk, blues, pop, world, jazz, latin, groove and funk in an instrumental way that just forces you to go out and dance. With th
[Official site:]

Project Phoenix — Toronto & The GTA, ON
Genre: 11 Piece Funk Band performing Original music and cover songs of bands such as Sly & The Family Stone, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder and Acid Jazz songs of Incognito & The Brand New Heavies, among many others
[Official site: ]

Prosad — Toronto, ON
Genre: A mix of pop-reggae, funky-folk, and world music. Uplifting lyrics with a positive message. Songs go from danceable reggae and funk grooves, to solo accoustic guitar and voice, to classical indian sitar.
[Official site: ]

PuddleglumMusic — Toronto, ON
Genre: funky,grooving versions of pop tunes
[Official site: ]

Rambling Dan Frechette — Pinawa, MB
Genre: Vagabond Cowboy - one of the best and most eclectic songwriters in his generation. Has written over 1000 songs in every genre including Cowboy, Bluegrass, Funk, Alt country, Pop, Blues, Reggae, Folk, Mid Eastern Groove, and Folk Rock.
[Official site:]

Randeesh — Roberts Creek, BC
Genre: Randeesh is a Belizean Canadian singer songwriter living on BCs Sunshine Coast - a ferry ride north of Vancouver. His songs have conscious lyrics, memorable melodies and rhythms of reggae, dancehall, funk and Belizean"boom and shine" or "bruckdown."
[Official site: ]

REAL — Calgary, AB
Genre: We are a "Smootie" of influences in the rock genre, blending rock, blues, funk, country and blues into one mean sound!
[Official site:]

Recipe from A Small Planet — Calgary, AB
Genre: funk, groove, and rock
[Official site:]

Red Menace — Edmonton, AB
Genre: We do lots of different styles, drawing from Punk to Emo to Alternative to Heavy to Funk.
[Official site:]

Redbird — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funky-Blues mixed with R&B.
[Official site:]

Remora — Chilliwack, BC
Genre: Heavy rock with funk/punk/metal influences

REV — Burlington, ON
Genre: Primarily an edgier funk/blues rock act that loves to improvise. Read: You'll always know what we're playing, but we like to open up our songs and make them more interesting than just playing them note for note.
[Official site: ]

Revolver v.4.0 — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Sonic Rock is the best term to describe this band from Ottawa. Strong melodies are key to their sound, lace this through with some powerful distortion, funked up bass and some heavy drums and you have the perfect sound.
[Official site:]

Rift — St Catharines, ON
Genre: Folk,Funk,Soul,Rock - You just have to hear it!
[Official site: ]

RobCrewe — Halifax, NS
Genre: Keyboardist/Bassist available for Local gigs and/or recording/writing projects... Have played everything from Newfie & Country to Funk, Metal and jazz but preffer good ROCK...

Rock Paper Scissors — St Johns, NF
Genre: Its Kind of hard to describe our sound. Were influenced by metal, classical, soft rock, classic rock, and funk. You figure it out. Personally, I think we sound like "folk metal"
[Official site:]

Rocko T. Bello — Montreal, QC
Genre: P.F.A.R.R. Music: Pop Funk Alternative Rock Rap.
[Official site: ]

Running Red Lights — North Vancouver, BC
Genre: Running Red Lights are a rock band influenced by everything from jazz and funk to rock and pop. The lead vocals and harmonies are very strong and we have a strong and distinct guitar sound.
[Official site:]

Ruse — Calgary, AB
Genre: RUSE is a progressive electro-funk trio based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mixing DJ spun samples with funk bass and electric keyboards, RUSE delivers strong, original, live music with danceable themes such as house, discothèque, hip hop, ghetto-tech,
[Official site: ]

Russell Leon Band — Toronto, ON
Genre: We're a high-energy rock band with strong pop, folk, funk, celtic, ska, reggae and blues influences. Similar to The Police meeting Spirit of The West on a hot August Night.
[Official site:]

Rymes With Orange — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Fun, funky rock and pop that is unbelievably catchy and never dull.
[Official site:]

S4S — Toronto, ON
Genre: Alt rock meets dark funk.
[Official site:]

Safe Haven — Newmarket, ON
Genre: Groovy nu-metal with flavors of funk, fusion, drum 'n' bass and Indian/tribal patterns.

Saline Road — Northbattleford, SK
Genre: All the old rock bands we all grew up with from AC/DC to ZZ-top. Some power hits from the eighties like "She sells sanctuary" to "Funkytown". Don't let those songs fool you either we also so do some of that Heavy metal stuff to from Metallica to..... did

Samsara — vernon, BC
Genre: a Hybrid of reggae, funk, soca & poprock. The sound is like No other, deep grooves, no bullshit lyrics, sexy soulful vocals, body vibrating rythmns

Sarah Stephenson, Trevor Aitchison, CHERRY — Cambridge, Elora, ON
Genre: These songwriter/musicians break through many music genres. They incorporate alt-rock, ac, blues, funk, and pop.
[Official site: ]

See Spot Run — Toronto, ON
Genre: Canadian rock and roll, with a bit of funk and a lot of fun.
[Official site:]

Shamakah — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funk, R&B, Soul like Kool & The Gang, GAP band, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Shane Murphy — Montreal, QC
Genre: funk-infused soul rock
[Official site: ]

SHIFTER — Barrie, ON
Genre: Rhythm driven funky reggae rock.
[Official site: ]

Sidekick — Brampton, ON
Genre: Put T-Rex, The Guess Who, Sloan, The Foo Fighters, AC/DC, and Beck in a blender. We're a mix of funk, classic rock, and rock 'n' roll.
[Official site:]

Sight UNseen — Vancouver, BC
Genre: folk-funk-rock fusion and experimental vocal stuff. Melodic and harmonic.
[Official site:]

Singer Wanted — Toronto, ON
Genre: Hey we are a rock band looking for a good front man. Our styles range from rock and roll to rock, were a bit funky, and we like to experiment with different styles. Age 17-23 dedicated to see how far we can take this project. Hope to do some shows soon. W
[Official site: ]

SixFootGroove — Kitchener, ON
Genre: Party music for the dance floor lover! 8pc. funk assault with a four piece horn section, two female singers and enough funk to keep you groovin!
[Official site: ]

Skitz — Toronto, ON
Genre: The direction is funked up but still heavy enough for the true heads. It's got a little something for everybody and doesn't seem to rub anybody the wrong way. It's damn good music. Skitz is exactly what the world is missing!!!!
[Official site: ]

Skookum — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Neo-alternative-oldschool-funky-dinosaur-sawtooth-ragin-power-hour-metal-blues-punk-Hard Rawk!
[Official site: www, ]

skratch 3 — port hope, ON
Genre: energetic ska/punk with funk influence
[Official site:]

Slammin Jack — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Psychedelic dancefloor funk.

SLOW JOEY — Charlottetown, PEI
Genre: Slow Joey has a combination sound of rock, funk, jazz, jam band type sound. The main thing you need to know is that you can dance to the tunes. This is not main stream. You tell us what it is - enjoy your stay
[Official site: ]

Slow Nerve Action — Whistler, BC
Genre: Porn Funk....check website for all info
[Official site:]

Small Town Rivals — Carbonear, NF
Genre: The only way to describe this band is hard-alt-stoner-rock-funk-metal. Called very original and tight by most, loud, heavy, with some softer breaks as well, with melodic harmonies and strange time signatures at some points, and very sexually influenced.

Sock Hop Arousal — Guelph/Toronto, ON
Genre: Dub/Funk post-punk explosion
[Official site: ]

Socket Child — newcastle, ON
Genre: With the power of the funk bass and a slap on it hear and there by wood leaves a tread mark all over the stage. The metal guitar riffs from a fast finger kinnif places sweet sensation all over. Screams in ways of high pitch and low by zack will knock you
[Official site:]

Solid Oath — Deep River, ON
Genre: We play a variety of Rock/punk, a bit of metal, more geared towards a hard rock/punk with a funk alternative vibe to it. a few metal/alternative rock/jazz songs every once in a while. We like to be diverse.

Solomon Dean — Charlottetown, PEI
Genre: Hard-rock meets electric blues and funk.
[Official site: ]

Genre: Professional, energetic live entertainment. Pop, r&b, new rock, classic rock, dance, funk, disco, retro, etc. Available for nightclubs, casinos, corporate events, weddings, private functions.
[Official site: ]

Soul Harvest — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Soul Harvest offers a blend of pop, rock, funk, and blues in it's eclectic selection of music.
[Official site:]

Souls in Rhythm — Calgary, AB
Genre: Souls in Rhythm is a critically acclaimed soul/funk squad from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
[Official site: ]

Stairwell K — Ottawa, ON
Genre: "The sum of their parts paints a vivid, technicolour picture made up of Blues, Acid Jazz, and shades of 70s Funk, yet delivered with the emotional abandon and craftsmanship of Radiohead" -NMC
[Official site: ]

Stalemate — Ottawa, ON
Genre: A mix between alternative, drum and bass, funk and hip hop. We try to never have 2 songs that sound the same. We like recording a lot but we'd rather be playing live.
[Official site:]

Stephen Franke & Noises from the Toolshed — Victoria, BC
Genre: Jazz, Funk, Blues, Gypsy Swing
[Official site: ]

stereovation — Maple Ridge, BC
Genre: A caustic hybrid of ethereal vocals, heart pounding drums, Soulful funk basslines, and maddening guitar
[Official site: ]

STF — Toronto, ON
Genre: hard, vibe, groove, funk, trippin', rock,
[Official site:]

Stimulator — Cambridge/Toronto, ON
Genre: Funky Ass Rock
[Official site:]

Genre: Our music is defined by our roots (blues, rock, funk, metal...), and is quite different than todays typical "heard it before" sound. In all honesty, it dosen't matter what we think it sounds like, but it does matter what you the people think, so check it
[Official site: ]

Stool — Toronto, ON
Genre: An emotionally charged amalgam of harmonics and heart. Diverse Rhythmic grooves propel a combination of rock, pop, funk, jazz and ambient music.
[Official site:]

Subject Wendy — Toronto, ON
Genre: Sequenced rhythms, sci-fi sounding keys, ethereal guitars, groovy bass lines and melodic vocals. Subject Wendy amalgamate a variety of musical styles: from funky hip-hop to minimalist techno, from melodic pop to reggae and drum’n’bass, from the intricacie
[Official site:]

Sugarbush — Edmonton, AB
Genre: A mixture of Rock, Funk, Jazz and Blues. Sugarbush have their own unique sound that is described as Groove-Rock.

SUPER BAT — Saskatoon, SK
Genre: Our original material is primarily hard rock with a hint of funk. The trio highlights strong vocals with original guitar leads and rythms surrounded by inventive percussion and melodic bass. Super Bat is poised to take North America by storm in 2002

Suture — Montreal, QC
Genre: Suture is an extreme abuse of beat and melody - all the dirty, gritty electro-funk, big-beat you could ever want.
[Official site:]

SUZY — vancouver, BC
Genre: Acoustic Funk/Soul/Rock with a little bit of beat boxing adding bit of hip hop feel as well as some latin percussion. Always have guest appearances eg. violin, sax, keys, bass.

Sweet Tooth — Halifax, NS
Genre: Funked up, kicking, r&b influenced blues rock with lots of edge. Think of a combination of the Chili Peppers,The Tragically Hip, Wide Mouth Mason, Big Sugar the Stones and Stevie Wonder.
[Official site:]

Tariq — Calgary, AB
Genre: An acoustic guitar-driven blend of rock and folk sensibilities. "A funkier version of a young Bruce Cockburn, with songs that have you tapping your foot while exercising your brain cells."
[Official site:]

Tasty — Stratford, ON
Genre: A spiffy blend of Rock, Funk, Jazz and blow-up dolls. The result is a variety of interesting musical arrangements, some odd time signatures, scattered emotions and funky grooves.
[Official site:!]

Ted Neeley Beard — Moncton, NB
Genre: A magically delicious combination of funk, jazz, and rock, with a little bit o' beard.
[Official site:]

Ten Pound Sledge — Kincardine, ON
Genre: A fun lovin' indie rock band with an original mix of classic rock, blues and funk.
[Official site: ]

The Absinthe Groove — Vancouver, BC
Genre: An ecletic mix of world jazz covering all genres of music: reggae, latin, rock, acid jazz, and funk styles fused together to create the ultimate groove...
[Official site:]

The Armchair Kings — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Jazzifunked pop-rocked straight from the nation's capital.
[Official site:]

The Brothers and Da Sisters of Da Funk — Calgary, AB
Genre: Not much singing, just drums, static, guitars and mixers.

The Cappuccino Beatniks — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Indepedent funk/progressive band from Capital City Canada.
[Official site:]

Genre: Neo Positive Vibes Hiphop/Jazz/Funk/Soul

The Colour of Soul — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funkadellic happiness and souladicious grooves come together for some extremely dancable goodness. Highly saxual.
[Official site:]

the creepy Ledger — Lac La Biche, AB
Genre: Different. Combonation of Metal, Funk, and Punk. Heavily influenced by Primus, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dead Kennedys, Slayer,NOFX,Carcass,White Zombie,Black Sabbath, and Weed. That's good eh?

The Diversions — Winnipeg, MB
Genre: Super-talented musicians with some edge. From hardcore to jazz, funk to punk. All they wanna do is rock out.

The Electric Angels — Thunder Bay, ON
Genre: Strong vocals with influences of Elvis,Don Brewer(Grandfunk) Good lead solos (Hendrix, Randy Rhodes Neal Peart,Every member has been in the buisness for at least 15 to 20 years very worthwhile downloading or listening.
[Official site: ]

The Eracists — Maidstone, SK
Genre: A fastpaced/funky/hardcore thrashish type sound.
[Official site:]

The Fat Edgar Quartet — Saskatoon, SK
Genre: Ingredients: 1 Room, 1 Sound System, As Many Bodies As You Can Find, And 1 FEQ. Add the bodies to the room. Place FEQ through the sound system. Watch as the bodies begin to groove simultaneously causing temperatures to elevate. Serves only the funkiest.
[Official site: ]

The Formula — Toronto, ON
Genre: The Formula's blend of Latin and funk grooves in a rock-song format comes together into a sound that has been called "Lounge funk in a turtleneck sweater." Melodic vocals, sweet harmonies and soulful instrumentals are the catalyst of The Formula, not to b
[Official site:]

The Funk King Band — Toronto, ON
Genre: Straight ahead power trio, classic rock, blues rock, and funk roots. Seasoned pros playing cover material, 100% professionalism guaranteed.
[Official site: ]

The Funk Solution — St. John's, NF
Genre: Techno bred with funk and a little hip-hop vibe as well.
[Official site:]

The Grassroot Deviation — Edmonton, AB
Genre: Roots, Rock and Funk!
[Official site: ]

The Groovebug — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Billed as "an infectious funk-insect with a soul-shaking bite", The Groovebug is a 9-piece funk band from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). The Groovebug is all about 'energy' and it's their energy on-stage and in the studio that allows for a sound dripping in ac
[Official site:]

The Hammerheads — Ottawa, ON
Genre: A continuous live jam born in 70's funk. Disco, reggae, rock, rap, old-school, dance hall and jazz are all part of the flow... a flow built on non-stop drum and bass, guaranteed to satisfy even the most disriminating freak.
[Official site:]

The Heartfelt Apologies — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Our music is a mix of folk and rock. We throw in the odd punk or funk or celtic for good measure. Fun songs and good times.
[Official site: ]

The Honeymans — Kimberley, BC
Genre: unclassifiable alt. rock. with elements of ska, funk, punk, country, and celtic rock. high-energy sweaty-pig music with a violin.
[Official site:]

The Incredible Melting Man — London, ON
Genre: Funky, techno break-beat with a 70's cop show feel.
[Official site:]

The Infinite Machine — Hamilton, ON
Genre: A strong melodic emphasis, combined with a wealth of textures and layers, define the sounds of The Infinite Machine. Progressive rock, metal, and funk influences co-exist peacefully.
[Official site: ]

The Intergalactic Squid — Moncton, NB
Genre: Some rock, lots of funk, a dash of blues and a pinch of jazz and you got yourself some Squid Pie!

The Last Days of Russell — Vancouver, BC
Genre: An imported "urban-experimental" project, teetering somewhere between abstract hip-hop and avant-garde psychodrama. Influences: Zappa/Mothers, Parliament/Funkadelic, Sun Ra, Bruce Haack, Company Flow, DJ Shadow, Captain Beefheart, Stockhausen and many oth
[Official site:]

The Laundry Room Quartet — Toronto, ON
Genre: High energy garage fusion. A mix of rock, jazz and funk. Infectious grooves and moving compositions
[Official site:]

The Mark Green Band — Halifax, NS
Genre: The Mark Green Band are masters at incorporating sounds from Country, Funk, Rock and various strands of the traditional sounds - all under the umbrella of the Blues.
[Official site:]

The Means — calgary, AB
Genre: They have been credited with single-handedly reviving the Neo-Emo Funkabilly Rapcore craze. They credited themselves for this, as well as single-handedly reviving your mother. But then some guy was all like, "Man, your mother jokes are so lame"
[Official site: ]

The Mystery System — Charlottetown, PEI
Genre: Progressive Experimental Rock Funk

The Mystic — Kingston, ON
Genre: The Mystic is a sophisticated blend of everything that touches us socially in present day. With styles ranging from funk to ambient to breakbeat to disco all the way to mainstream pop, this artist's music is very much a treat to listen to. Furthermore,
[Official site:]

The New Shady Groove — Brighton, ON
Genre: An ambitious young funk/rock quartet quickly making a name for itself in the Canadian music scene.
[Official site: ]

The Noonans — Toronto, ON
Genre: Blues, Funk, Rock cover band with keyboards and male and female vocals.
[Official site: ]

The Omega Theory — Edmonton, AB
Genre: We are mix between Funk/Rock/Metal/Jazz/Prog.Alt Very original, you'll want to hear the Revolution.
[Official site: ]

The One True Rolling Funk — Hamilton, ON
Genre: Dance to Techno by The One True Rolling Funk
[Official site: ]

The Pocket Rockets — Nanaimo, BC
Genre: The Pocket Rockets are an acid funk sextet led by three baritone saxophones! The funk doesn't get much heavier than this!
[Official site:]

The Push — Regina, SK
Genre: The Push can be described as diverse musical party guys that love to bring the bash to everyone possible! These guys play a variety of material covering hard rock, funk, blues and country! Get your drink on and your dance on with The Push!
[Official site: ]

[Official site:]

The Screaming Monkeys — Ottawa, ON
Genre: The introduction of the NEO FUNK-ROCK ARMY to Canada using a bass,drums and vocals.
[Official site: ]

The SoSo's — Peterborough, ON
Genre: We play raggae-fusion, funk, and groove jams. If you like to dance I think you will like us, yes!

The Super Fishels — Ottawa, ON
Genre: Its a mix of punk, ska and funk. Catchy guitar riffs, slap bass lines and creative beats.
[Official site:]

the west coast funk mob — vancouver, BC
Genre: The West Coast Funk Mob is a funk/hip-hop supergroup hailing from Vancouver. 70's style funk grooves with modern underground hip-hop attitude.
[Official site:]

Thomas' Blanket — Abbotsford, BC
Genre: funk/alternative/metal
[Official site:]

Threat From Outer Space — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Threat From Outer Space are Vancouver's Undisputed Originators of "New School Funk", the lethal combination of equal parts Funk and Hip-hop, with traces of Electronic, Reagae and Acid Jazz.
[Official site:]

Three Minutes of Peace — Toronto, ON
Genre: The self-proclaimed world's heaviest funk band play PornoFunk and believe "It's About Time Your Lovelife Had A Soundtrack."
[Official site:]

Throttle — Kingston, ON
Genre: Throttle is a very unique rock/punk/funk trio based out of Kingston, Ontario, who's fresh mix of intricate slap-bass, harmonized vocals and explosive guitar and drums compliments their solid, honest songwriting approach.
[Official site:]

Timber — St. John's, NF
Genre: A combination of Rock, Funk and Ska, with comparisons being made "To everything from Rush to Rancid."
[Official site:]

Topless Reuben — Williams Lake, BC
Genre: We are like a mixture of gangsta rap, christian rock, ska, hip hop, pop, reggae, funk, techno, metal, EMO, jazz, punk, and of course aerobic tunes
[Official site: ]

TRIBAL — Salmon Arm, BC
Genre: Original crazy funk, folk and fusion
[Official site: ]

Trimmed Naval Beef — Mount Pearl, NF
Genre: Potent, Funkable, Rap 'n' Roll.
[Official site:]

Trip the Light — Toronto / Waterloo, ON
Genre: Classic rock with a funky twist. Keeping the rock real and dirty Jimmy style with bass and keys that bring back the funk.
[Official site: ]

Ulterior Intentions — Guelph, ON
Genre: Funk and Blues
[Official site: ]

Unonymus Inc. — Yellowknife, NWT
Genre: Hip Hop wit a lot of funk, phat beats, and some wicked guitar riffs.
[Official site:]

Uprising — Charlottetown, PEI
Genre: An amazingly complicated mix of different genres like punk, progressive rock, reggae, funk, rock, and alternative. Progrorefuroaltunk for short.
[Official site:]

URBAN divide — Calgary, AB
Genre: The 'newfunksoul' is a communicable epidemic, one which URBAN divide hopes to spread. Intense vocals, an ultra tight rhythm section, and phat horns fuse together to lay down the funk
[Official site: ]

Urban Street Scandal, the — Toronto, ON
Genre: Elements of rock, blues, funk, and reggae bleed their way into the mix in a sound that is really only based around two common musical goals - groove and feel.
[Official site: ]

Vacuumessence — Kitchener, ON
Genre: alternative hard funk

Vanderpark — Toronto, ON
Genre: A steamy brew of folk, rock, pop and funk to shake your booty to.
[Official site: ]

VAS — Picton, ON
Genre: Orignal songs covering blues, blues rock funk reggae country rock and pop.
[Official site: ]

Very Mediocre — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Very Mediocre is an eclectic of sound that combines funk, rock and phat riffs to create an awesome listening experience.
[Official site:]

Victoria — Pickering, ON
Genre: The music that we play as I hear it would be a combination of many different sounds. There is a lot of funk in the bass, a quick and versatile lead guitarist with a heavy metal flavour, the female vocals who sing sore above the sounds... the band is uniq

Genre: This five-member vocal sensation has succeeded in carving out a sound and a style that's fresh and new and uniquely VOCE. Using nothing but their voices, they have created a sound, a mood, and an energy, which cannot be surpassed. Available at www.spirit
[Official site:]

voodoo pie — vancouver, BC
Genre: Voodoo pie plays an infectious groove based style,taking funk and R&B standards and combining them with hip hop to create a truly unique and crowd pleasing party.

West Coast Funk Mob — Vancouver, BC
Genre: Funk. Nasty Funk. Dirty Funk. With supernatural hip hop stylings and the live jam energy of jazz.
[Official site:]

what the thunder said — Guelph, ON
Genre: 3 piece groove unit that has the ability to make you shake y'ass. Funk/Soul/Rock/Jam/Jazz/UpTempo is what what's in the oven. Ya hungry?
[Official site: ]

Where's Veronica? — Victoria, BC
Genre: Music for a Spy Movie Soundtrack (File under: Hard Funk, Spy Rock, Space Rock etc.)
[Official site: ]

Whisper White — St.John's, NF
Genre: A refreshing, melodic,genre- hopping sound,influenced heavily by the old school masters of rock,funk,and blues.Emotion awakening chords float above a groove heavy,backbeat,which demands listener attention and participation.

Wicksteed — Toronto, ON
Genre: Funky Jam Band

Wide Mouth Mason — Saskatoon, SK
Genre: Blues, hard rock, soul and funk.
[Official site:]

Wild T And The Spirit — Toronto, ON
Genre: Bluesy rock with funk and R+B!
[Official site: ]

Wit Project — Toronto, ON
Genre: Wit Project is a trio of funkified musicians who have combined their superpowers to form a crime-fighting force like no other.
[Official site:]

Zoebliss — Toronto, ON
Genre: A thick chunky bass and percussion groove from within ripples the gold tinted glass with a pulsing intensity inspired by elements of funk, dub reggae, trip hop and African legend Fela Kuti.
[Official site:]

Zuul's Evil Disco — London, ON
Genre: A Progressive Funk band that will stop at nothing to have to greatest live show on earth.
[Official site:]

Zygote — Toronto, ON
Genre: The veteran band, hailed for its live performance, displays a versatility in combining funky grooves with heavy guitars, sweet melodies, and a driving rhythm section.
[Official site:]


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