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ROXOR from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Genre: "We rock our instruments harder than a building falls when it hits the ground, we sing more heavenly than the angels above and we do both at the same time." -fuck yeah!

Official site:

Year founded: 2004

Record Label: Independent

Roxor started out as most other bands, Lee Clarke and Thomas Mears were long time friends with musical talent that started to play together in the summer of 2002 under the name Hardcore Marine Core. With Thomas' searing guitar licks and Lee's undeniable vocal presence, the band started playing anywhere they could to get exposure, Their first show being at Baba's Lounge for a women's rights benefit in December of 2002. They've played at Baba's almost every wednesday night since for Babas weekly open mic.

In the summer of 2003, the boys decided it was time to develop a new name, one that encompassed everything the band stood for, was easy to remember and to spell too. Roxor was born. The name has only 3 letters....could be spelled the same backwards as forwards, and has the word Rock in it(kinda). The band recruited new members around christmas of 2003 such as Matt Chaisson, Neil Menzie and Miles. Creative differences lead these 3 members to go into a different direction and in the months following, old time band mates of Thomas were asked to join. Nik Cheverie was enlisted for drumming and Nic Bakker filled the position of bass guitar.

Leading into the fall the band decided to discharge longtime member Lee Clarke and brought in long time friend of the band Bobby Maclean for vocals. His vocal righteousness added a new dimension the band never thought possible before. With the new line-up the band anticipates the chance to rock new audiences as often as possible.

Members & Instruments
Bob - Vox Tom - Guitar Nik - Drums Nic - Bass

Contact Info
Nic Bakker


This listing last updated: 22-Nov-04 @ 05:44 PM

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