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Two Minute Hate from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

Genre: Our music is very sexy.and then sometimes gets fast and hard. and sometimes slow. and soft. and its punk music. and we like it. and if you dont. good for you. We play a variety of punk music. mostly about life experiences and such. Fast Intertwined gui

Official site:

News & Events: - Two Minute Hate @ Colonel gray friday september 20th. 11:35am. FREE

For parties. call 368-2444 for reservations

Year founded: 2001

Record Label: Independent

Multimedia Files
1. audio Never Coming Back (.mp3)
2. audio Killers Eyes (.mp3)
3. audio Careless (.mp3)
(Formerly Known as Against All Odds)Two Minute Hate is a four man band made up of a few guys by the names of Shadi(guitar/back up), Adam(vocals/bass/guitar),, Nick(bass), and Iskandar(Drums). We have been kicking around since December of 2001. In december of 2001 it was Shadi, Iskandar, Nick, but shortly after that Coady Gallant had joined as a vocalist and then Zak Likley Joined also as a guitarist. so in march we played a show at Queen Charlotte for there winter carnival. and then shortly after that Coady and Zak had left the band in search of....well nothing...and then on May 19th 2002 they had found another singer. Adam Major. who soon started to play some guitar and bass a bit. for more of the complicated songs. Since he already played bass anyways. and just added some effect to some songs with another guitar. so it stands as it is today. with Two Minute Hate.

Members & Instruments
|: Adam - Vocals/Bass/Guitar :|: Nick - Bass :|: Shadi -guitar and Backing vocals :|: Iskandar - Drums :|

Contact Info
two Minute Hate


This listing last updated: 15-Sep-02 @ 10:19 PM

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