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The Big List of BC Canadian Bands

Alberta (1,054) | British Columbia (1,268) | Manitoba (357) | New Brunswick (238) | Newfoundland (169) | Nova Scotia (328) | Nunavut (11) | NWT (9) | Ontario (4,103) | PEI (85) | Quebec (438) | Saskatchewan (290) | Yukon (14) | Canada (8364)

British Columbia Artists:


  1. -- - -- (profile)

!Lower Mainland of Vancouver!

  1. Beer For Breakfast - We are a punk rock band that likes to dip into ska. (profile)
  2. The BadAmps - Our music as we hear it sounds like a mix between punk and rock n roll with a melodic... (profile)


  1. Trite - Trite has an original sound. With classic rock and blues solos mixed with slap bass r... (profile)

*Maple Ridge*

  1. Speed Trap - Rock/Modern/Hiphop! *Great Tunes* (profile)


  1. BOO - 1 (profile)


  1. The Progressive Thinker - post-math-nothing-rock (profile)
  2. Thomas' Blanket - funk/alternative/metal (profile)
  3. Artax - Good Ole' Punk Rock (profile)
  4. comacore - progressive emotional sleep provoking rock. (profile)
  5. Immaculate Mules - grungy, gritty, bar blues, and folk blues, inspired by the abby alleyways, and the ... (profile)
  6. Empty Handed - I don't know how I'd describe our music. It's what we want to play. One song may co... (profile)
  7. DS Sutton - High Intensity Melodic Epic Emo? (profile)
  8. The Immaculate Mules - Bluesey/Grungy/Acoustic Folk (profile)
  9. Rockwell -
  10. Kenneth Montgomery Keillor - Alternative rock n' roll and ballads (profile)
  11. Limbonius - A variety of electronic styles: trance,dance,ambient,techno,house,down-tempo,rave. Th... (profile)
  12. Andrewww - my music is just that, my music. i cant describe it. only that it isnt hard to play..... (profile)
  13. Finding Middle Ground - The style: Hard edged yet melodic, with emotional breakthroughs and a combination of ... (profile)
  14. Franklyn Currie - Post-country Urban-Acoustic-Folk (profile)
  15. Lahna -
  16. You Say Party! We Say Die! - we bring the party. seriously. we do. ( we play dansk punk) (profile)
  17. Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - This band "The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets" has been known to pepper their lyric... (profile)
  18. S.P.L - hooks a plenty with a top 40 sound that everone can enjoy (profile)
  19. Lukey - Celtic Folk Rock which varies from Traditional Celtic to Hard Rock, the best of both ... (profile)
  20. the hand - the hand is abbotsford's only keyboard-violence...we are a fast band with tons of emo... (profile)
  21. Stalemate (BC) - Stalemate is all about the rock. Influences from the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Beatle... (profile)
  22. Glorious Janitors - Punk-Metal Band (profile)
  23. Robert Hansen - Big harmonic synths and guitars, mixed with multi-textured vocals over hot dance rhyt... (profile)
  24. Martial Law - We are fast, agressive, loud and fun! Our music is not like other punk. Its something... (profile)

Abbotsford BC

  1. Chocolate Covered Nipples - Jazz - Funk - 50~60's Rock n' Roll - Swing Music (profile)
  2. FUN 100 - punk/newwave/party in your friends garage/pop/pile of records found at a thrift store (profile)


  1. Haf-Wit - Mediocre punk rock. Nothing anybody in their right mind should listen to. (profile)
  2. M_T - Rap Thats what i do, i mainly do it for fun, but you know, also i have a rap gro... (profile)
  3. J. S. - I'm inspired by and like to listen/sing to a variety of music...3 doors down, Nickelb... (profile)


  1. Banished Flesh On Thorns - Black metal - Open for "Venues" in near future. (profile)
  2. Destiny In Chains - Death Metal - Some Inspirations include, At The Gates, In Flames, and Children of Bod... (profile)

Available Now for touring

  1. Matriarch -


  1. Amish Warfare -

Black Creek

  1. Two Grand Cash - Country Rock'n'Blues (profile)


  1. paul davidson -
  2. Benjamin D. McMillan -
  3. sharpville5 - we like:RHCP, Led Zeppelin, Funckadelic, The roots, Pink Floyd James Brown, frank zap... (profile)
  5. Peak The Bias - Melodic Underground Punk Funk (profile)
  6. Carnival Divine -
  7. Synthetic Minister - Experimental darkwave, industrial-but-not-really - with focus on personal, emotional ... (profile)
  8. OFF Records -
  9. Forging Another Empty Life - Moody soundscapes, Echoey synths, Acoustic guitar, hand drum sequencing. (profile)
  10. Carmelina Cupo - Carmelina's debut album is a unique pop album, that has layers of acoustic guitar, an... (profile)
  11. .pointfivezero - Hard-Hitting Emo Punk (profile)


  1. Bored One Sunny Night - Pop/Ska/Punk pop/rock band, yeah we can't decide. We're a group of three GIRLS hoping... (profile)


  1. Sinor - Looking for a versatile Vocalist who can carry the crowd and bring excitement to live... (profile)

Campbell River

  1. Month of Sundays - Month of Sundays plays a wide variety of Classic Rock as well as original music. (profile)


  1. Unholy-Black - Grim, Dark, Black Metal. (profile)
  2. Crystal Trigger - Katchy Emo Punk. (profile)


  1. .UnholyBlack. -


  1. Hidden Agenda - Melodic Punk Rock (profile)


  1. J J &the Kountry Kin - Classic Country (profile)


  1. Greg Harvey -


  1. RhythmMethod - Top Country/Pop/R&R hits... classic dance favorites... & more. We serve both the lowe... (profile)
  2. NoWhereMan -
  3. Begs the Question - We play hard punk/alternative loud. (profile)
  4. Crashsite - Crashsite is Alternative Epic Rock band, that combines aggression, maturity and just ... (profile)
  5. Remora - Heavy rock with funk/punk/metal influences (profile)
  6. Karma's baby - I preferr something in the mix of Peral Jam, Rage, MGB, Floyd, U2 and delerium... (profile)
  7. Forever Retailed - were a mix of blink 182 and sum 41 (profile)
  8. the peter mcpheresons - the peter mcpheresons are a four-piece hard hitting rock band with ripping guitars an... (profile)
  9. 22 Hookers -
  10. J Kleiss and the Dirt - The music of J Kleiss and the Dirt ecommpasses elements of Pop, Jazz, and Country wit... (profile)
  11. Drowning In theMainstream -
  12. New World On Fire - an eclectic mix of hardcore and metal with a traditional punk rock background... (profile)
  13. shredder101 -
  14. 22hookers -
  15. The Red Nipples - Heavy Metal out of Chilliwack BC. (profile)
  16. ozzy,def leppard,sabbath - hey im looking for a band in the area of chilliwack,people that are into ozzy,def lep... (profile)
  17. Nuisance - Our music is a bit of billy talent a little pinch of alexison fire drop of RUSH and a... (profile)
  18. Five Minutes to Live - Five Minutes to Live is a healthy mix of all sorts of different music styles, ranging... (profile)

Chilliwack BC

  1. Relic's jetboat - Ween meets Stompin Tom Connors,we are Canadian and we play Folktronica, a mix of stor... (profile)


  1. Sullivan Station - Classic rock, blues, dance band. (profile)


  1. Darren Blouin - Contemporary acoustic rock (profile)

Comox Valley

  1. XLR8 - XLR8 is all about dance and party oriented patrons, providing much more than solid, d... (profile)
  2. r-drive - r-drive Based out of Vancouver Island's scenic and inspiring Comox Valley, the fou... (profile)


  1. The Heretix - Old School/Streetpunk (profile)


  1. FAT DANDY - Droning doomsday noises and clicks in stereo + other things that you might not expect... (profile)
  2. Fracture - Intricate Alternative Rock, blended with classic rock grooves. (profile)
  3. Deep Six - Grunge, Punk, Alternative. . . (profile)
  4. Paradym Shift - We are a Punk,Screamo,Indie band. (profile)
  5. ShiNobi - punk pop band from coquitlam (profile)
  6. Sound Curfew - The blend of forceful guitar melodies and hiphop rhythms, combined with efficacious l... (profile)
  7. methadone - Hard Rock (profile)
  8. ****stellar**** - Ya we're a metal/energy rock band from coquitlam. (profile)
  9. Aaron Roland - Singer Songwriter / Composer Influences: Elton John, Bryan Adams Backstreet Boys, ... (profile)
  10. Kyle -
  11. Epiphany - We are hardcore / modern rock / rapcore .. (stuff like POD , Linkin Park and System o... (profile)
  12. Sinister Thoughts -
  13. Gimik - ... (profile)
  14. RE-ENTRy - MELODIC MATH METAL Flowing guitars, with razor sharp double-kick drums, Powerful and... (profile)
  15. Stellar -
  16. Say Abet -
  17. stellar!!!! -
  18. Dark Element - Ear piercing thrash metal background with direct rap rhymes with melodic keyboard eff... (profile)
  19. BackLash - Rock with jazz influences and metal underlyings. (profile)
  20. Crystal Seed - The nucleus of conflict between Britain and the devil... ... (profile)
  21. Nancy -
  22. BALANCE - Our music is a mixture between hard and mediocre hard rock, our songs are high energy... (profile)
  23. Clumsy Lovers - "You want to say they are like the Pogues and They Might Be Giants thrown into a jui... (profile)
  24. m-strain - Melodic power-pop. (profile)
  25. Smut Peddling Sam - Suburban trash metal/punk shit at its best. Coquitlam's finest. A cross between the... (profile)
  26. Walk The Line - Hey, we're a four piece band that has a large rooting in punk and ska. However the mu... (profile)


  1. Setsixteen - energetic pop punk band with intense rythyms, amazing harmonys. fast fun music by peo... (profile)
  2. Paste - Hard rock band playing various covers from Tool, Incubus, RATM and of course, Vancouv... (profile)
  3. Trick Turner - Trick Turner is a upcomming punk band from courtenay bc. Tecnicality and harmonism a ... (profile)
  4. Sixgun Buddha -


  1. The SNAkES - Our music is hard core, in your face make u wanna puke, metal. We fuking love music a... (profile)
  2. Last Ones STanding -
  3. Silenus - Alternative/Rock/Emo (profile)
  4. Groove Candy - Groove Candy is an eclectic blend of explosive original music from deep in the Kooten... (profile)
  5. Ignoranus - Crazy self-mutilative wanna rip your ears off and then ask your mom for allowance SUC... (profile)
  6. One Night Standard - I'm not sure what are total style is but i know we have a punk rock influence and we ... (profile)


  1. Dirty Sanchez - Dirty Sanchez has the abillity to switch from hard core punk rock to modern alternati... (profile)

crescent valley

  1. solitary apparition - acoustic (profile)


  1. Crimson Ghost - Crimson Ghost is a screamo grinding hardcore band. We go as hard every show and refus... (profile)
  2. Windzer Melon - Punk rock Emo with a dash of screamo and a whole lot of solos! (profile)

Dawson Creek

  1. Radiobomb - PUNKROCK_GRUNGE_ANTI-HATE_LOVEROCK-AGROCORE We Play hard, We Play Hard (profile)
  2. Dick Twang Band - Dick Twang Band is musical comedy. They explore all genres of music with their origin... (profile)
  3. Bowles Family - Bowles Family music is a mixture of country and Gospel music with Rock influences. (profile)
  4. Free Of Charge - A punk band filled with raw passion and emotion making for an itense atmosphere. Gare... (profile)
  5. the Suspicious - new rock - some classics have been "suspicified" (we add a little flavour) (profile)
  6. Only Almost -
  7. Cam Bowles - Traditional Country Style (profile)
  8. FLIK - Hard Rock/Metal/Classic Rock and everything in between. (profile)

dawson creek>>>vancouver?

  1. loomer - / noise rock / dreampop / shoegaze / free jazz / acoustic / sonic death / punk / pos... (profile)


  1. minimal-effort - An energetic emo-punk trio from Delta, BC, Canada. (profile)
  2. Blackout - 4 piece all female band from Ladner,BC. Rock/Indie/Alternative/Punk/Garage...basical... (profile)
  3. All in Vain -
  4. Muffgoat - We all basically cannot stand the majority of music in the mainstream these days. We ... (profile)
  5. Tenant - Tenant is a 4-piece heavy "polyrock" band who endeavor to create original, creative, ... (profile)
  6. Devils Right Hand - Hard Rock Influenced by: Thin Lizzy, Metallica, Motorhead, Guns n Roses, Nashville... (profile)


  1. HEOEOfbj - njdwnjw (profile)


  1. MusicFlesh - MY music, as I hear it??? As a "Genre", i couldn't even begin to attempt to "place" ... (profile)


  1. Mamaguroove - Tribal Funk (profile)

East Whalley

  1. Lupus - hookers and crack (profile)


  1. Pocketrocket - pocketrocket dabbles in many different kinds of music including jazz, blues, rock, pu... (profile)
  2. Rosanna - An eclectic C.D. with songs from pop to rock and ballads to folk to celtic. A little... (profile)

fort st john

  1. progressive aggression - We are probably the only hardcore punk band in northern bc.We play fast/sorta catchy ... (profile)

fort st. john

  1. find the real - Punk Rock, plain old fun band (profile)
  2. Stay In The Shadows - Similar artists: Suicidal Tendencies, Dayglo Abortions, Bleeding Through, DRI, Walls... (profile)
  3. Screaming Beautiful - Newborn Punk/Emo band from Northern BC! (profile)
  4. Home by Six - Alternative Rock highly influenced by such Canadian greats as The Hip and The Norther... (profile)

Fort st.john

  1. Indi -


  1. BROOMSTICK WITCHES - melodic brooding magical gothic rock with penetrating lyrics and memorable music... (profile)


  1. BCeagle - Folk-Rock When I perform my songs, I am taken to the memory of the emotions I felt w... (profile)

Halfmoon Bay

  1. Walter Ego - We aint Retro we're just still playin' Rock and Roll! 1/Do you believe that the music... (profile)


  1. Bill &Gerri -
  2. Bill & Gerri -
  3. Deth's Pale Horse - Metal with a twist. We're not sure what we can say about it, besides that it's unusua... (profile)
  4. Bill and Gerri = 2-Country - We play from old country to new country to bluegrass to some rock and roll who Knows ... (profile)


  1. Song Pitch of Canada - Catfish Jam, The Bolen Bros. & Cowriters - Attn: A&R and Artist Management: A Collective Genre Song Catalog. Published and Indep... (profile)


  1. T - later (profile)


  1. Soul Patch -
  2. Crossover - Kamloops one and only "Good time Classic Rock, Funk'n Blues Party Band" (profile)
  3. Def Threat - Hardcore/Metal (profile)
  4. System Malfunction - We may be influenced by bands like Static-x, powerman5000, kittie etc but we sound no... (profile)
  5. Lava Kazu - Lava Kazu is an amazing high energy group who is dripping with talent and has been pl... (profile)
  6. All Star Assassins - Tight, fast, catchy punk rock N roll!!! (profile)
  7. Unit 731 - Blink 182 / Billy Joel / Pantera / Abba / High energy shows complete with Pyrotechnic... (profile)
  8. a happy ending to a suicide note -
  9. Mr. sparkle - Pop Punk inspired by the tunes of early greenday. (profile)
  10. Scotty Bass and The Beatdowns - Its fast, edgy, music centered around violence, drugs, and drinking. Go to our websi... (profile)
  11. Kira Haug - Kira is well known for her raw, sexy and natural combination of stylings in gospel,la... (profile)
  12. Mike *The Party Hog* - One man classic rock, hard rock, pop rock, fluffy rock, blues rock, and comedy rock. (profile)
  13. Midlife Crisis - Live classic & newer rock, pop, and the odd country tune. (profile)
  14. King Viper - KICK ASS ROCK N' ROLL (profile)
  15. MuddCats - modern blues with a funky edge (profile)
  16. Dr fabulous - Our music as we hear it is smashing !!! With influences like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, a... (profile)
  17. KonKrete - Heavy-Metal Very technical guitar riffs, lots of shredding solos, crazy drums, scream... (profile)
  18. Strip Adicktion - Kamloops' most arrogant, sleazy, alcoholic rockers. (profile)
  19. Earthward - We are earthward. Were a punk rock band from kamloops BC. Some of our songs are light... (profile)
  21. Seven Second Delay - Powerful riffs come flying in at your from every direction, drums so loud and so furi... (profile)
  22. Sound City Hooligans - Cock'n'Balls Rock Baby! (profile)
  23. Man Made Hole - We are a Kamloops production studio / trio of muscians working on building a new Kaml... (profile)
  24. CHI - Intense,emotional,dynamic,guitar-driven band. (profile)
  25. ethnic entanglement - We play hard punk with a touch of nofx with some good old face to face. We may be fro... (profile)


  1. Loose Gravel - A kick ass blues based rock n' roll band out of the Kootenays in BC! (profile)
  2. The Rippin' Rattlers -
  3. Ritual K - Heavy Rock of an intense visual nature. Three piece that flows. (profile)
  4. Brad Fenton and the Rippin' Rattlers - A kick ass blues based rock n' roll band out of the Kootenays in BC, Canada! (profile)
  5. Swill Will and the Thrill - Smokin' rock n' roll from the Kootenays in the interior of BC. With members Brad Fent... (profile)


  1. Hippiecritz - Inciting social revolution and world harmony through hollow gestures and worthless sy... (profile)
  2. Psaphonic - Based out of Kelowna, B.C., this hard rock quartet is sure to set your panties on fir... (profile)
  3. Hypertufa - High energy, Roots Rock, Soul, Funk, Reggae. (profile)
  4. SUGAR COATED KILLERS - A magical treat of psychedellic,sci-fi,progressive/rock/punk/metal,strong and spooky,... (profile)
  5. Glory Nights -
  6. bitchweasel - bitchweasel is a three piece sonic assault. our influences include rockabilly , surf ... (profile)
  7. Magnum Opus - Crazy bass and drums. Heavy music with a message. (profile)
  8. Lipstick Bulletkiss - Glam Rock Supershow! (profile)
  9. Johnny Mac Trio - Highly entertaining Trio that sounds like a MUCH bigger band. real variety of music a... (profile)
  10. Trance Blackman - This album is unique to a lot of what I hear out there today (at least on the radio).... (profile)
  11. Disposable Pop - Rock. Disposable Pop creates standard variations of rock and roll. Our roots are deep... (profile)
  12. Cafe Insomnia -

    A sound as yet undefined. Refusing any drink of water, we shape and mold music acc... (profile)

  13. Johnny G and the Keyster - Playing the tunes you love to remember. Jump, Jive, rock'n'roll, waltz, 2-step, rumba... (profile)
  15. KINSHIP -
  16. Ellison Drive - Alt. rock with soaring melodies, crunching guitars and a deadly rhythm (thanks Refuse... (profile)
  17. The Richard Gauthier Band - An original band that kicks it up with an aboriginal roots rockabilly style. (profile)
  18. ten2nine - ten2nine is an ass-kicking power rock band from the West Coast of Canada. Featuring r... (profile)
  19. SIXPack - Hard Rockin Great Party Blues Band from Kelowna,B.C. Seen live at Boogie Bash..praise... (profile)
  20. Olde Style Formula -
  21. Closing Iris - Blends a mixture of surreal melody with splintering cacophony. Harmony is always a m... (profile)
  22. The Hell and Backs -
  23. Jason Mitchell - An introspective songwriter who sings his songs with passion and feeling. (profile)

Kelowna (will travel)

  1. Chrispy's TRIXXX - Pop/Dance/decades tunes (50's, 70's, 80's, etc...) for covers Originals are Pop/Da... (profile)


  1. The Honeymans - unclassifiable alt. rock. with elements of ska, funk, punk, country, and celtic rock.... (profile)
  2. Colin Righton - METAL DRUMMER LOOKING FOR BAND!!!ANYWHERE! I've been playing drums for 12 years I ha... (profile)
  3. XANIMUS - We are everything that was truely great about metal 10 years ago. No we are not out d... (profile)


  1. Handicap Parking - Ex-punk rockers who now allow thier unique tastes to combine into something new and u... (profile)
  2. Fasten Your Seatbelts - A rock/pop-punk band that play an energizing show that will keep you on your feet and... (profile)
  3. Gimmick - pop (profile)


  1. Mighty Joe Young & the Generators - Great Rock Blues Classic Gold Origional Music (profile)


  1. Karis - A fresh new sound from vancouver BC, Karis gets down to the roots of song writing and... (profile)
  2. Candice - Music: Rock/contemp/pop. (profile)
  3. Triton -
  4. Ryan Brady -
  5. Midnight Riot Theory - punk (profile)
  6. myke madison - melodic, acoustic driven rock (profile)
  7. VARiN - Describe Varin...hmmmm, Progressive Hard Rock? Ya, that works. (profile)
  8. Robert W Chapman - world (profile)
  9. A Roadside Theory -
  10. Radiokill - Hardrock/Metal. We were originaly starting the band to write rock radio material, but... (profile)
  11. The Original Paranoids - Trash Rock (profile)
  12. New Critical Illness - Industrial hard rock. (profile)
  13. Millicent - An electric folk band: blends of electric and acoustic guitars, female vocalist, bass... (profile)
  14. Mandy Leigh - everything.i sing what feels right not too hard it screws my voice up, but it has an ... (profile)
  15. Evening Note - Jazz Standard/Fusion Band (profile)
  16. One Chord Struck - Melodic, acoustic driven rock, with aggressive bass and drums. (profile)
  17. Attention Def - A new style of rock, pop punk / rock / heavy riffs, brand new (profile)
  18. VODAS - Vodas is an explosive three-piece rock band that combines a classic rock sound with a... (profile)
  19. September - September is a 5-piece rock / emo band from Langley, bc. They consist of a group of g... (profile)
  20. TRIBE of ONE - Original Rock/Blues tunes that will move and rock you. (profile)
  21. Chris Scrimes - When I hear music, I hear a massive combination of noises forming something beautiful... (profile)
  22. The Self Proclaimed - Alternative 4 piece rock band from Langley B.C. (profile)
  24. sever - Crazy, thrash metal, hard-core shit... what-ever the fuck you call it. There's nothi... (profile)
  25. A Break of Twilight - A Break of Twilight is a new sound from Langley, BC. They consist of a variety of bac... (profile)
  26. The Midgets - Imagine Nirvana and The Sex Pistols double-dickin' Devo. (profile)
  27. Column "C" - We used to play ska, but they don't play ska on the radio, so we're gonna cover moby ... (profile)
  28. Marlinspike - High energy Pop-punk three piece that sends you home crying for more. (profile)

Logan Lake

  1. Unreasonably Doubted - We Are Unique Thought Of Rock Today (profile)


  1. No Way - no way are a kind of bouncy punk band that will make you want to jump around, the mus... (profile)


  1. smallhours - We make honest melodic music that we enjoy listening to. Sometimes it is heavier, som... (profile)

Lower Mainland

  1. Jimbo Joel -

Maple Ridge

  1. Set Straight - Punk rock with Punk and pop punk influences (profile)
  2. Basement - Our music is an amalgamtion of styles. It's very expressive, but ranges anywhere fro... (profile)
  3. QuickLincoln - Really damn spectacular! (profile)
  4. Guilty Verdict - We play different variations of punk. Anything from Peace Punk to heavy punk and even... (profile)
  5. Megz Pedersen - Southful, power ballad, country singer. A new style of country music which is catchy,... (profile)
  6. Violetfox - We play Hard Rock, Blues, Psychedelic Rock, and Some Folk. Our influences are Led Zep... (profile)
  7. The Misled Youth -
  8. Secondhand Sound -
  9. Secondhand Society - We are a mostly heavy Rock group who is just starting out (profile)
  10. Time Silent - We are a unique rock sound and if you want ot see how we are unique come out and see ... (profile)
  11. Fred's Fear - Melodic punk rock. A wide variety of songs and styles. (profile)
  12. Harmless Heroes - if bruce dickenson and geddy lee had a love child, it would be named Harmless Heroes (profile)
  13. stereovation - A caustic hybrid of ethereal vocals, heart pounding drums, Soulful funk basslines, an... (profile)
  14. tom fool - he was born on 3 different days in three different people, he was brought together in... (profile)
  15. Halo Horizon - Halo Horizon is a four piece rock band from Maple Ridge, BC. (profile)

Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows

  1. Aaron & The Bandits - New punk band from Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area. Go to (profile)


  1. Kook Show -


  1. Hate Mail - Our music is Metal we like to play hard, and occasinally through in a slow song or tw... (profile)
  2. SpreadEagle - 115% Kick-ass, devil-fueled rock 'n' roll. (profile)
  3. Kick in the Eye - Kick in the Eye is super-charged, country-fried boogie. (profile)
  4. Bassist_Mission -


  1. Yaya Diallo - West African roots - Yaya's album "Nangape" is soothing and subtle African drumming, ... (profile)
  2. Blah - Heavy Metal (profile)


  1. geneticdrift - We are alternative rock with heavy funk and jamming influences. (profile)
  2. SHIFTED - This new-age rock act, and the music of it; ambient, energetic, and powerful will def... (profile)
  3. Atomic Funk - 80's Metal Arena Rock Van Halen Ozzy Metallica Iron Maiden 80's AC DC mp3's. Check ou... (profile)
  4. Anti Socials Anonymous - It has a mainly punk feel to it, with some rock. The lyrical content gets pretty deep... (profile)
  5. Chemical Peace - Combination of rock, funk and metal. (profile)
  6. southgate - heavy,tight,loud,intence,always progressing. (profile)
  7. Last to Leave - Last To Leave is a 4-piece Modern/hard rock band with a sound as intense as it is uni... (profile)
  8. Allison Crowe - gospel - rock, jazz - grunge, classical - blues, folk - soul; a voice that unites gen... (profile)
  9. EVILOSITY - We're a death metal band, with influences such as Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Dying Fetu... (profile)
  10. Pendemic - Alternative/Hardcore/Metal. (profile)
  11. The Super Groovy Band - This world needs modern festive psychedilic rock music. The Super Groovy Band is dedi... (profile)
  12. I AM Band - It's loud rock and roll. Original, heavy and not all the same. (profile)
  13. unlabeled - Punk rock, listen to us and then you can judge for yourself. (profile)
  14. The Dastardlies - A 4 piece high energy, (semi) working class punk band kick'n in good old Nanaimo, Bri... (profile)
  15. DyingDream - Instrumental guitar-based progressive rock. Dark, emotional, and intense. (profile)
  16. Poco Nemo - A medley of smooth sounding grooves, tight instrumentals and vocals that can stop a f... (profile)
  17. Melodieus - I make good old fashion Hip Hop, I've been told I have a buck65 sage francis sound to... (profile)
  18. The Decents - As though models from a magazine, The Decents aren't just a "pretty face". They are a... (profile)
  19. Open, Parachute! -
  20. _SIDESHOW_ - Alternative, mainstream rock. (profile)
  21. The Lady Esther - An energetic alternative rock act, The Lady Esther is known for their original live s... (profile)
  22. Seasons of Sorrow - Epic, progressive metal with classical influences. (profile)
  23. Gamut broke up - nothing anymore (profile)
  24. The Pissmints - Funny Hardcore Punk basically NOFX and The Vandals meets Black Sabbath and Iron Maid... (profile)
  25. The Drunken Idiots - PUNK ROCK Good old fashioned Punk Drunk Punk rock with many influences from MotorHea... (profile)
  26. The Pocket Rockets - The Pocket Rockets are an acid funk sextet led by three baritone saxophones! The fun... (profile)
  27. NECTARE - Lyrics are denial, their loss, are genuine, their lust, are inspiration, their love. ... (profile)
  28. the Crusties - straight up punk rock ala the deadboys/black flag... but oh so much better... (profile)
  29. A Broken Silence - We're a little bit of emo, screamo, metal, rock, explosions, car crashes, alternative... (profile)
  30. S.L.A.G.S - Punk Roots, we "steal" bits of everything punk to make our poppy hardcore thrash punk (profile)
  31. Discord - Hardcore punk with a bit of an old school sound. (profile)
  32. David Gogo - David Gogo plays the blues - all the blues from soft acoustic to rocking electric. (profile)
  33. The Great Conspiracy - Catchy rock, Pop fluff, accoustic heaven, melodic distortion, soft-hard, slow, fast, ... (profile)
  34. The Kiltlifters - Fun, high energy gourmet ska from the west coast! Yer mom says we're '4th wave.' Ex... (profile)
  35. Six In Three - This is Hard Rock in its prime. Six In Three performs kick ass music that is filled ... (profile)
  36. Tristan McLaren -

Nanaimo/ Port Moody

  1. Junebug 26 - Well we are half joke half serious but we are getting to a level were joking will be ... (profile)


  1. Frostbite - A pulse pounding, mind bending, amalgamation of instruments and vocals that puts you ... (profile)
  2. CircleTheWagons - loud fast old school punk rock with a fatt layer of heavyness. (profile)
  3. Circle The Wagons -
  4. Want Monster - We dont really fall into any particular Genre. Our style of music is sloppy three ch... (profile)
  5. The Combovers - We are a Ska/Punkish band, some may say 3rd wave. We are strongly influenced by: Reel... (profile)
  6. BC/DC - Kicked in the Teeth Loud (profile)
  7. S I B L I N G - heavy, groovy fast driving grind metal punk bluesy junk core, like combining Removal,... (profile)
  8. Ten String Panelbox - We are an energetic, fast paced traditional simple punk group in the vein of the Ramo... (profile)
  9. 7 heads - a mixture of grindcore heavy ass metal and some speedy ass double kickin blast beats.... (profile)
  10. Parasite - fat ass huge raging heavy psycadellic groove metal. (profile)
  11. Destined For Nothing - We're a pop-punk/emo band from Nelson, B.C. You can hear influences anywhere from Bel... (profile)
  12. wantmonster - kickyouintheface-core (profile)
  13. Puss in Bondage - Music that will push you to your knees until their raw and bleeding then throw you in... (profile)
  14. UnholyBlack - Dark and Grim Black Metal. (profile)
  15. McGnarley's Rant - afro-celtic gypsy monkeypunk (profile)

New Westminster

  1. dysfunctional - Started off as a rock mixed with all sorts of genres. We slowly started turning into ... (profile)
  2. Right Foot Green - Spice Girls meets Slayer. j/k. We are a rock/indi band.. we dont really know what to ... (profile)
  4. Formula - Rock with integrity. Radiohead, mixed with the stylings of John Mayer, Dave Matthews,... (profile)
  5. BushLeague - Diverse rock music with a multitude of influences from funk, to punk, and beyond. All... (profile)

New York

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North Delta

  1. SAMRIPTIDE - Alternative/Punk (profile)

North Vancouver

  1. Rival Division -
  2. the fabricators - blues/r&b/roots (profile)
  3. Surefire -
  4. the worst - a four piece punk band from north van, influnenced by bands like jawbreaker, snapcase... (profile)
  5. Lazyboy - Alternative Rock Inspiring Music (profile)
  6. The Del Griffiths - A wall bigger than any wall that will ever be created by man kind of sound. And in t... (profile)
  7. Garry Gust - Easy Listening (profile)
  8. icarian -
  9. robert baptie - North Vancouver bassist, 15 yrs experience available to form/join working band -- R&... (profile)
  10. DeoVolente -
  11. Barker's Beauties - Spin the wheel! Hear the yodeler! Plinko anyone? Does your car have california emmisi... (profile)
  12. UTEKTIK - jazz fusion, ala scofield, stern, lost tribe (profile)
  13. wintermute - metal, death metal, black metal, industrial (profile)
  14. Counterflow - We play alt-hard-rock-pop music, influenced by RHCP, RATM, and Incubus. (profile)
  15. A Single few - rock/pop/punk pro alt rock. A Feel good sound which ventures into different genres fr... (profile)
  16. zerose7en -
  17. Running Red Lights - Running Red Lights are a rock band influenced by everything from jazz and funk to roc... (profile)
  18. Jim -
  19. ONEYEDJACKS - Cardio fueled punk rock with a rock n roll chaser (profile)
  20. Thomas -
  21. R.O.S - We are a 4 peice straight up punk rock band from north vancouver. (profile)
  22. Terry Banks - Rock, blues, jazz, country, hip hop, classical .......... all genres and sytles (profile)
  23. Cipher Hour - Hard rock with some blues, metal and progressive influences. (profile)
  24. detour. - Rock/Alt band influenced by Matthew Good Band, Nirvana, System of a Down, Blink 182..... (profile)
  25. R.O.S. -
  26. Debra Whyte - The web site listed,is new and still under construction,so please check in now and t... (profile)
  27. Devious - I'd say we're a punk/ska band, that dwells in Hardcore and classic 80's metal. Our i... (profile)
  28. Crowned King - New-school melodic punk with a three part horn section. (profile)

north/west Vancouver

  1. Switchblade Incident -


  1. the Nobodys - nothing in particlar. (profile)


  1. Jessy Davidson -


  1. Starlight Reverie - Wedding ceremony & dinner band, also receptions of all kinds. (profile)


  1. Leggott & Dewar - Spanish/Latin Flamenco styled. A symphony of two guitars. (profile)
  2. supRnatral -
  3. Shaker Green - Acoustic pop rock usually with a twist! (profile)
  4. Acronym -

Pitt Meadows

  1. Playing With Fire -
  2. Redcats - punk against punk from pitt meadows, bc. streetpunk, gutterpunk whatever you want to ... (profile)
  3. Block Audieo - Were an alternative punk band who just love playing music. A band who can make mellow... (profile)

Pitt Meadows/Surrey

  1. Exit48 -


  1. No Vacancy - -strong -emotional (profile)

Port Alberni

  1. Trace Element - Do you feel like sometimes you need a change of pace? Have you noticed that classic r... (profile)
  2. DuBBBruthus Production House - Raw Mindnumbing experimental electronic audio manipulation blended with heavy guitars... (profile)
  3. My Broken Hero - All original indie/emo/punk rock from Vancouver Island, BC. (profile)

Port Coquitlam

  1. The Afterneath - A metal band.. with intervaulls of melodic harmony.. u've never heard this before. (profile)
  2. RAW - Straight out of the gutters of suburbia comes this power pop/metal trio with high oc... (profile)
  3. Insipid - Funky Eire von satan infused metalliska impregnated by the sperm of lars in a dirty w... (profile)
  4. Intense Management - Management: Chris Janz (profile)
  5. drama:queen - Poetic, Intense, Interesting, Evolving Progressive Metal. (profile)
  6. Rachel Suter - Incredible 20 year old pop/rock singer/songwriter originally from Vancouver, British ... (profile)
  7. Alicja Moniatowicz - A mix of rock, acoustic, dark melody...pure rockability... (profile)

Port Moody

  1. Subject 2 Change -
  2. Googol Power - With their magic, this group of characters can sing educational songs in just about e... (profile)
  3. AIRBORN - We play mostly rock, with some pop punk influence. All music is original we don't pla... (profile)

port moody / coquitlam

  1. satchmo - Punk! (profile)

Powell River

  1. ZOOT SUIT RIOT - We are a swing rock, rocking blues and R&B band. (profile)
  2. Ron Campbell - Solo acoustic blues - fun & friendly! (profile)
  3. tim ironmonger - kick ass ,boogie, party tunes (profile)

Prince George

  1. Transgressor -
  2. Mike Foottit - Electric and Acoustic blues,with an emphasis on solo performance of original songs. (profile)
  3. Andrew McFayden - I am a singer of traditional and modern Scottish Gaelic songs. My style is tradition... (profile)
  4. Peter Stevenson - I play solo improvised piano, ranging from classic jazz standards to totally unrehear... (profile)
  5. SKINCELL - The Prince George based group is composed of Ross O'Byrne, Brad Foster, Trevor Forres... (profile)
  6. Dreadlok Nutz - Groove,Raggea,Rock...50's - 80's rock. (profile)
  7. Godless - Original heavy rock. (profile)
  8. Ryan -

Prince George B.C

  1. Back To Earth - Back to earth is a classic rock band made in prince george b.c. (profile)

prince rupert

  1. sall gibson - Sall is an emerging 'alt-folk-rock' singer songwriter. (profile)



Qualicum Beach

  1. Two Of Us - Pop and Soft Rock Duo specializing in the best songs from the 60's to today (profile)
  2. Cory Rochstahr - A singer/songwriter with the ability to write music of all genres, particularly alter... (profile)


  1. Pan 4 -Slightly Less Than Normal - We are a new sound, influenced by tons of other bands. Listen to our stuff to get an ... (profile)
  2. PAN 4 - we are a new punk/rock band. WE NEED GIGS ! (profile)
  3. PIG ROCK -
  4. The Chumps - we are a hardcore chick rock band!!! (profile)
  5. no name - no comment (profile)
  6. fire crotch -
  7. Bryan Pearson - tert (profile)


  1. Samantha - Punk, rock, alternative, ska, and metal all combined into ME. (profile)
  2. barry greenfield - A wide variety of tunes from ballads to fast paced rock (profile)
  3. Implosia - Experimental combination of rock, metal, alternative, and electronica with concise y... (profile)
  4. Ninety Nine South - Cover songs from Ray Charles to Coldplay...Branching out to originals (profile)
  5. Karmacanix - 9 peice ska band, yeah i know what your thinking, but hey were not all bad. (profile)
  6. Pickup - If you miss fun rocking tunes you'll love Pickup. Your guaranteed to have a good t... (profile)
  7. Storybook Ending -
  8. Brasshenge -
  9. Robin Chang, Ekaterina Daviel, Pauline Lo, Tim Havas, Arden Hegele, Thomas Mickie -
  10. Vice -
  11. Essence - Heavy, killer drive guitar, strong bass riffs, power dubble kick drums and howling vo... (profile)


  1. In Medias Res - Indie, emo, rock. A mix between Pedro the Lion, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Appleseed... (profile)

Roberts Creek

  1. Randeesh - Randeesh is a Belizean Canadian singer songwriter living on BCs Sunshine Coast - a fe... (profile)


  1. The Awakening -


  1. -Ent][tY- - My music can be many things, depending on the mood and how it swings. (profile)

Salmon Arm

  1. TRIBAL - Original crazy funk, folk and fusion (profile)
  2. second time -
  3. 7th Stone - Looking to start again after a 20 year break with players looking to do classic rock,... (profile)
  4. The Ugly Stepsisters -
  5. Bigger Better Deal - In the words of one of the judges at the 1999 Battle of the Bands, "Chainsaw Rock Liv... (profile)
  6. Cactapus - Juvenile acoustic noise rock. (profile)
  7. Parias -

Santa Barbara(CA)

  1. The Threads - sweat, blood and energy (profile)


  1. Nancy Ruth - Influenced by the powerful vocals of Robert Plant, the controlled nuances of Sarah Va... (profile)


  1. Tammy Clowers - Country, Easy Listening and Adult Contemporary (profile)


  1. D2 - Based in Surrey, BC, Canada, Dave (guitars/vocals) and Debbie (vocals/rhythm guitar) ... (profile)
  2. Rubiks - Fast, hard punk with injections of ska, blues and emo. (profile)
  3. Vertical Addiction - Christain melodic rock (profile)
  4. Blah Blahs -
  5. One Step Trip - Hardcore, melodic with screaming. Influances include Atreyu, Thrice, Poison The Well,... (profile)
  6. Tripsis - Driving, Melodic, rock/alternative, with bits of metal and screamo thrown in. (profile)
  7. She Says Electric - Radio friendly modern rock/pop with many influences. (profile)
  8. Porcelain Dolls - Metal/Shockrock/Goth/Grunge/Alternative (profile)
  9. the POGs - alt/indie/garage/rock/punk (profile)
  10. TPD -
  11. THEBLUEVOODOO - acoustic blues/rock with a twist (profile)
  12. VeXXeD - Melodic/Math Metal (profile)
  13. Conspiracy - Conspiracy is a punk rock band influenced by Blink 182, sum 41, a new found glory and... (profile)
  14. Old Country/Bluegrass Jam Sessions - Old cowboy songs never die. Smokey's got 600 of 'em stored up in his head. Dia can't ... (profile)
  15. Theatrical Sneeze - Melodic Rock (profile)
  16. Ben Chudyk - All about rock. Im sick and tired of hearing all this crappy punk stuff and we're rea... (profile)
  17. Halogen - Check out our website if you want to know more. (profile)
  18. Tomorrow Is Too Late - Emo.. acoustic tunes with thought inducing lyrics.. something to think about.. (profile)
  19. A Fall From Tragedy - A Fall From Tragedy blurs the lines between Emo, Screamo and Hardcore with powerful v... (profile)
  20. -blunt- - Pop/punk music at its finest! These guys have a demo cd out and is going to be signe... (profile)
  21. Full of Shit (F.O.S.) - This young band comes out of Surrey British Columbia. Influenced By Blink 182 They pl... (profile)
  22. High Strung BC - A Blink 182 Sum 41 cover band strait outta surrey. Although we are just gettin up on ... (profile)
  23. Dia - A Tribute to Patsy Cline - It's a shame that the music of Patsy Cline was relegated to Country Music alone. It's... (profile)
  24. Christina Maria - Keyboard / Backup vocalist needed!! Folk/Rock ages 15-21 // Lots of originals, Gigs. (profile)
  25. norm lovely -
  26. Paddy Chessell - Paddy is gradually stepping out of the Celtic umbrella. His repertoire covers Celtic,... (profile)
  27. Shattered Silence - We're a driving hard rock influenced by everything from classical all the way up to K... (profile)
  28. The Merseys - The Merseys bring back Rock'n'roll with their own material,using keyboards,guitar sol... (profile)
  29. Stranglehold 69 - Stranglehold 69 is Canada's answer to heavy metal. This talented group are currently... (profile)
  30. G.I. JOE - Melodic Skate Punk (profile)
  31. -Eclipse- - METAL (profile)
  32. This Silent Earth - Everything from Thrice and AFI influence to In Flames and Pantera... Hardcore with Va... (profile)
  33. re(D)fine -
  34. elixir - heavy/ alternative (profile)
  35. Forcefed - Hard Rock with a little punk or metal. Whatever it takes to get you moving!!!!!!!!! (profile)
  36. Lou and his Lady - Country music ( new & traditional ), Old time Rock 'n' Roll, Light rock 70's - 80's, ... (profile)
  37. No Exit - We are an original band that would be best described in the rock, rock blues genre. (profile)
  38. spare change -
  39. Atasha - Atasha is an awesome teen vocalist straight out of Surrey BC Canada. When you hear h... (profile)
  40. Justin - im a guitarist with all original music looking for people who want to play ,my musica... (profile)
  41. TAKE TWO - Covering Classic Rock, Top 40, Dance (profile)
  42. Tyler -
  43. Trypticle - Melodic/Math/Nu-Metal (profile)
  44. Michael Tingle -
  45. False Sence Of Pride - FSOP was started in 2002. We are a melodic-skate punk band that hail from beautiful S... (profile)
  46. Silence Interrupted - Uhh rock ish? (profile)
  47. The Hell Caminos - Four hi-octave hombres from the outskirts of Vancouver crankin' out the $#!% to make ... (profile)
  48. Mutiny Gone Overboard - Shamrockin' Celtic Roots & Pop (profile)
  49. Eclipse - Mixed Math/Melodic Metal w/ Punk.. Sweet! (profile)
  50. One From Infinity - Influences: Linkin Park, Muse, Thousand Foot Krutch, and many more. (profile)
  51. Gideons Hill - We are Progressive Alternative Rockers, about experiencing the music and living it. (profile)
  52. Abandoned Projekt -
  53. FMTA - FMTA is a mortiferous blend of traditional electronic, heavy industrial, and metal st... (profile)
  54. Swingset Champion - Emo pop punk with influences from every type of music (including polka!) (profile)
  55. SUPERCHIEF - Hardcore Pop Punk. Straigth outta SURREY !!! (profile)
  56. Tenacity - Alternative? Rock? Grunge? Punk? Metal? Music? You label us and we will be eternally... (profile)

Surrey, B.C.

  1. Steel Wheels - Rolling Stones Tribute with two acts either side - Mersey Beat and Rockin Royalty (profile)

Surrey, BC

  1. John Dean - classicaly trained,2 fisted bluesy techniques. Influenced by traditional jazz, soake... (profile)


  1. The Flaming Donuts - Punk Rock. Influenced by bands like Green Day, Rancid, the Ramones, and many others. (profile)


  1. Brendan - I love Artistic Music, and My band incorporates creativity in all of our songs. We so... (profile)


  1. The Fish Shakers -


  1. Fableway - fast melodic punk rock attack... blistering solos,, heavy rhythm and rockin drum and... (profile)
  2. Copper Mountain - Well known for their bluegrass/mountain harmonies and unique guitar work. (profile)
  3. BigSkinny - Hard Rocking Melodic Pop Metal with a tinge of Alternative kiss my ass Country (profile)
  4. Crooked String - Hi energy R&R & Classic Rock (profile)
  5. TheKingfish - Hi energy rock/alternative with a complete set of origanals veiw web address (profile)

Thetis Island

  1. David Essig - Equally renowned as an instrumentalist and traditional performer, David is a master o... (profile)


  1. Shellest - The haunting and tidal sound, influenced by Chopin, the Sea of Japan, and a Bulgarian... (profile)


  1. Full Half None - you know when u eat something thats really really good and u cant really move for a s... (profile)


  1. Oddnoxious - Rugged Fusion (profile)
  2. Air Tank Occurence II - We are Air Tank Occurence and we make music. Happy music sometimes and very sad, and ... (profile)


  1. Unknown - n/a (profile)
  2. Unknown - n/a (profile)


  1. SHINE - Imagine mixing the Black Crowes, 3 Doors down, Matchbox 20 & Fleetwood Mac. Shine has... (profile)
  2. gary hoagie trigg -
  3. Hoagie Vision -


  1. Jack Tripper -


  1. Deus Volt - Raw, climactic, beautiful, melancholy. (profile)
  2. Gladyss Patches - If you like Deftones, Linkin Park, Alice in Chains, Tool, Finger Eleven and Silvercha... (profile)
  3. The Enemy Within - punk rock, with a tinge of classic rock and other stuff. (profile)
  4. Hinterland - Hinterland's cinematic music merges ethereal melodies and rock-solid rhythms for a so... (profile)
  5. Pseudo Elixir - We're a Vancouver based metal band that formed in 2002, our music is like "gothic met... (profile)
  6. the KLAXONS - Classic influenced rock n roll with tons of harmony vocals and vintage guitar sounds.... (profile)
  7. Autoviolet - With the charged spirit of anthemic rock and the smart, ambient grooves of chillout, ... (profile)
  8. Demonizer - beat-friendly, drum-heavy, in need of vocal, one-man-band that can. (profile)
  9. Slick 60 - Metal band driven by hardcore and melodic hooks (profile)
  10. Bottleneck - Bottleneck features the songwriting team of Scott Smith and Robyn Carrigan. A country... (profile)
  11. Complete - Post punk rock on Spawner Records (profile)
  12. Five Alarm Funk -
  13. Who's Drivin' - Good time rock and roll for the 30 - 50 crowd. (profile)
  14. deluxe - britpop/rock with an amazing amount of fire and passion. not your typical blend of st... (profile)
  15. honeysuckle - Oh my god! It sounds like they're dying up there, should we call an ambulance.. (profile)
  16. The Radio Stars -
  17. MAMAZON - Commercial potential versa-progressive rock with spine chilling substance. We need t... (profile)
  18. RANDOMBLIND - Marxist heavy/alt-rock (profile)
  19. Crop Circle - Our music is a dynamic blend of heavy hard hitting energy and smooth flowing melodic ... (profile)
  20. The Burn Project - Catchy, thoughtout vocals over energetic riffs. (profile)
  21. tim. - tim. tunes are not limited to a specific format or particular genre; we play what com... (profile)
  22. Goya - Rage, mixed with heavy hitting guitar sound. Strong vocal performance also adds to th... (profile)
  23. Steve Elliott & Lucie Walker - Truckstop Jukebox Beer-Swillin' Harmony-Driven Alt Rockin' Country Blues Originals (profile)
  24. Revolution 5 -
  25. Conrad Adera - Alternative rock with roots in various genre's. Essentially music with a fair bit of... (profile)
  26. Skookum - Neo-alternative-oldschool-funky-dinosaur-sawtooth-ragin-power-hour-metal-blues-punk-H... (profile)
  27. lesismore - lesismore offers an eclectic mix of retro jazz and blues standards spiced with jump, ... (profile)
  28. 7 - uikh (profile)
  29. Banner Year - Driving, yet laid back and catchy punk rock. (profile)
  30. Gorjeous -
  31. cash cow - rock (profile)
  32. Whoshotmarvin - Our music is not exactly punk and not exactly rock. We have a heavy edge to us but al... (profile)
  33. flipswitch - flipswitch is a NEW rock band with a modern sound and an energetic live show. (profile)
  34. FEN -
  35. Lane Price - Canadian Christian singer/composer (profile)
  36. The Kidnappers - Fuck you.Punk. (profile)
  37. Straightupband -
  38. Smugglers - "Don't Sell The Steak - Sell The Sizzle!!!" Yessir, that's the Smugglers motto of p... (profile)
  39. esther - emo/hardcore/wierd ass guitar driven band w/female and male vocals...influenced sorto... (profile)
  40. the deVilles - all female 4 piece pop punk (profile)
  41. Masefield - Your typical appoach to guitar-driven rock, with unpredictable results. Although som... (profile)
  42. the RyeCatchers - Very catchy, memorable melodies with distinctive harmonies and strong British roots. ... (profile)
  43. The Spitfires - Punk and Rock. more rock than punk. we like the dead boys, and we like ac/dc. (profile)
  44. Big John Bates & the Voodoo Dollz - "Fun as a midnight drag race with a fifth of bourbon" - Exclaim Magazine (profile)
  45. Rick Taylor - Roots (profile)
  46. xx/xy - beautiful ambient reverb feedback drenched music ebbing and flowing deafening volume ... (profile)
  47. the Dinks - Rock and or Roll. (profile)
  48. Sweet Nuthin's - R'n'R (profile)
  49. Matthew -
  50. Luisa Marshall -
  51. Adam Teeling - Sad and furious irony. I both rock AND roll, as well as twist, shake, shimmer, slide... (profile)
  52. Subtitle - Hard melodic rock with clean vocals. (profile)
  53. blister -
  54. Cruel Shoes - Urban Poppy FUNK with a French twist. (profile)
  55. Straitpipe - "thick" music comparable to todays' hottest bands. like Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd... (profile)
  56. 54-40 - 54"40 create some of Canada's most recognizable and memorable classic alternative roc... (profile)
  57. Motion Soundtrack - Blending the finer elements of radiohead and the beatles, motion soundtrack takes you... (profile)
  58. Fans of Larry -
  59. Edges of Seven - Industrial/electronic rock tapping the veins of NIN, Rammstein, KMFDM, Rob Zombie, Ma... (profile)
  60. Ridley Bent - Bent is a crooner, gee-tar player, songwriter, entertainer, and recording artist curr... (profile)
  61. Cradle To Grave - Heart pounding, foot thumping, head banging original heavy metal rock. Once you hear... (profile)
  62. Faces of Eve - Take the Stone Temple Pilots, add a little Cheap Trick, throw in some Radiohead, a fe... (profile)
  63. Driven By Minds - Industrial-Groove Metal (profile)
  64. Between Lives - Modern Hard Rock with lotsa melody and hooks. (profile)
  65. removal - heavyness (profile)
  66. freak beat reactor - Mixing live musicians and lo-fi electronics to create dance music with a consciousnes... (profile)
  67. Salmonella Pie - Salmonella Pie is "Snap-Shot Trance" ...short musical explorations accompanied by gr... (profile)
  68. Splatter - Female fronted heavy as hell metal with old school punk influences creeping in (profile)
  69. The Flairs - THE FLAIRS are a 21st century band with roots firmly planted in the music they love a... (profile)
  70. the west coast funk mob - The West Coast Funk Mob is a funk/hip-hop supergroup hailing from Vancouver. 70's st... (profile)
  71. Noize Tribe Zero - industrial rock n' roll (profile)
  72. MONGOOSE - punk rock / rock n roll salutes you (profile)
  73. Holiday - Rock (profile)
  74. Countache - The sound of guitars and synths, makin your weekend a lil less hectic; or more hectic... (profile)
  75. Protoculture -
  76. joel -
  77. Beans - Vancouver experimental rock (for lack of a better word to describe an ever-changing, ... (profile)
  78. Merlin Engine - Trippin and chillin rock music (profile)
  79. Payton Rule and jefreejon - Electro-Blues converging with traditional House intelligent … sexy … dance music. (profile)
  80. KuF - We are a hard rock and roll band (profile)
  81. Sound Pressure Manifest - “Systematically calculated songwriting, fused with electronic rhythms, swelling ambie... (profile)
  82. Chin - "His voice, a velvet croon suitable for radio of any format, is a weapon unto itself"... (profile)
  83. Triple Word Score - Fast, energetic, pop-punk (profile)
  84. Dirty Deeds ( AC/DC Show) - Raw, Hard, Rock Sound of AC/DC. (profile)
  85. FILTH -
  86. Only One Dead - THC Driven riffs. Sludge, with a female drummer and 3 boys assisting the bruising el... (profile)
  87. Fabiana Katz-Eser - Singing Lessons - all genres (profile)
  88. The Walkerband - a guitar boogie rock, punk thing mixed in the bowels of a backed-up texaco station j... (profile)
  89. Flood Of Fire - A unique brand of HARD-DRIVING, HIGH-ENERGY ROCK. (profile)
  90. The Revenge -
  91. les - emo (profile)
  92. Paloma - The word Paloma translates to "dove" in the Spanish language, a fitting moniker for a... (profile)
  93. Careworn - xXxSOFTCORExXx (profile)
  94. Major Goodvibes - Major Goodvibes is a high energy rock band that combines a classic hard rock sound wi... (profile)
  95. The Kim Band -
  96. Doctor Robert - Alternative rock band devoid of any ego! Because of the diverse tastes and talents i... (profile)
  97. jama -
  99. The Last Days of Russell - An imported "urban-experimental" project, teetering somewhere between abstract hip-ho... (profile)
  100. Canned Hamm - ‘CANNED HAMM are like a second string Vegas Floor Show direct to your town’ ... (profile)
  101. Infinite Madness - We're a Rock/Alternative band that has mostly rock songs. Throw in a couple alternat... (profile)
  102. Katrina Bishop - Pop-FusÌon originals (jazz, celtic, latin, folk...) and a wide range of covers (Tom W... (profile)
  103. Shocore - (also see, the "alternative to alternative" with a little so... (profile)
  104. B.O.T.A. - screech,. vocals, rip. A band of many faces, one's that are disguised. Culminating... (profile)
  105. shylock -
  106. tourist - Rock (profile)
  107. Lopez -
  108. one less rock star - Emotionaly driven rock, much experimentation. Largely influenced by Radiohead, Eric's... (profile)
  109. failsafe -
  110. Brandon Waardenburg - interested in a different groove of Christian Accoustics and Heavier connotations. (profile)
  111. OPENFIRE - Fast, violent, assault music. Touching down on all aspects of metal/punk/hardcore. (profile)
  112. SKARD - 5 piece hard rock band from the Wet Coast. Take a pinch of pop and a bucket of rock ... (profile)
  113. Theory 3f - Hardcore punk metal shit that makes you wanna smash the face of the fucker next to yo... (profile)
  114. The Slickjacks -
  115. Curtis Cowan and The Rockers - Country (profile)
  116. Sulturro - Kick you in the teeth Punk Rock N Roll!!! (profile)
  117. Betty Kracker - High energy punk with pop melodic feel. (profile)
  118. Lotus - Folk Rock Pop (profile)
  119. Threshold Limit Value - Rhythmically acute psychaedelic soundfields heavily mined with angst-ridden punk mani... (profile)
  120. Q-Theory - Electronica with hip-hop and world music influences (profile)
  121. My Fatal Pride - My Fatal Pride, a band with a vision and determination to stir up a Rock N Roll sickn... (profile)
  122. v -
  123. A.L. & Associates -
  124. The Redscare - Catchy post-punk our-friends-call-us-emo-but-we're-not rock! (profile)
  125. Riff Randells - Three piece girl band, playing music that sounds a bit like Nikki and the Corvettes, ... (profile)
  126. Mr.B - a (profile)
  127. Wanton Destruction - We are a heavy/hard rock band with varied influences - listen and figure out for your... (profile)
  128. Darwin Marsh - Soaring vocals,beautiful melodic guitars.Solid drums. In the vein of Jeff Buckley, ... (profile)
  129. STOKE -
  130. JP5 - "PUT UP OR SHUT UP" Outrageous over-the-top power punk. NOT for the faint of heart. (profile)
  131. Mr.PLow -
  132. Prism - Prism is West Coast Canadian classic rock. Music ranging from the 70's to current, ... (profile)
  133. Downweller - Original modern rock. "Like LIVE on a metal tip" "Creed without the cross" "Sounds ... (profile)
  134. Grrrls With Guitars - The Grrrls with Guitars Showcase has been happening at The Railway Club for 7 years. ... (profile)
  135. Cory Friesenhan -
  136. Burn - Alternative Stadium Rock That Kicks A**. (profile)
  137. Cat Ratusny - Cat Ratusny is a Singer Songwriter currently located in Vancouver BC, Canada. Her mu... (profile)
  138. Simpleton 7 - Sad bastard urban folk sounds for the bleeding heart set. (profile)
  139. The Marianne Turbo - Progressive math garage. Experimental soundscapes.Edgy, while maintaining a soft touc... (profile)
  140. the Enemies of the State - Vancouver based band, on the edge of hard core, with new full length CD due out soon.... (profile)
  141. Vancouver's Shame -
  142. The Heartfelt Apologies - Our music is a mix of folk and rock. We throw in the odd punk or funk or celtic for g... (profile)
  143. Social Deviantz - Canadian crew deliver sophisticated tracks merging next-level lyricism with excellent... (profile)
  144. Helms Deep - Helms Deep is a 4 piece hard rock band. Black sabbath meets old metallica. (profile)
  145. Enemeies of the State -
  146. FreeBase - A 3 piece hard hitting band from Vancouver BC. Titty twisting indeed. (profile)
  147. Wendy Lynn - Wendy Lynn is an Aboriginal Contemporary Folk arist performing a combination of cultu... (profile)
  148. Western Magnetics - Western Magnetics is the home based recording project of Luke Rogalsky, realized thro... (profile)
  149. Freeflow - Check, check it. Freeflow. There's something happening here in Vancouver BC. There is... (profile)
  150. Billion Dollar Baby$ - 1970's Classic shock rock (profile)
  151. Flippin' Jiggers - Our sound has been compared to "The Tragically Hip-meets-The Red Hot Chili Peppers", ... (profile)
  152. Chris Janz - AC/POP (profile)
  153. donnelly -
  154. Extra Virgin Oil - "Big loud music machine" - Alex Beynon, jazz session musician. "Strikingly inventive... (profile)
  156. Definition - We feel our music is genuine, fresh, catchy with the right amount of heavy and delica... (profile)
  157. Just Off Hastings - A mix of emo-core and neo-grunge rock. (profile)
  158. The Accident - political new wave rock punk (profile)
  159. ANT1-HER0 - aN INdUSTRiaL HARdcOrE FaCEpLANT iNTo COnCReTE (profile)
  160. left spine down - Cyber Punk. WARNING: the sounds and rhythms provided by the experiment will immedi... (profile)
  161. Billion Dollar Baby$ - A tribute to Alice Cooper (profile)
  162. Burlap - Burlap is a mixture of rap/funk/dance with a focus of creating and forging there own ... (profile)
  165. A Luna Red - Post punk no wave industrial dance party. (profile)
  166. Metal Vulture - Metal Vulture - Picking at the Bones of Music - Since 2001 (profile)
  167. Astoria - Astoria is a three-piece from Vancouver influenced by 80s post-punk and indie (among ... (profile)
  168. 16mm - Alt Pop (profile)
  169. The Tiller's Folly - Acoustically driven, traditionally based contemporary music with Pacific Canadian the... (profile)
  170. Angel Edwards - melodic original indie pop folk rock sexy powerful emotive female vocalist backed by... (profile)
  171. janajana - Groove-Pop (profile)
  172. Krank - Fine purveyors of classic rock covers. (profile)
  173. The Letter 3 - We are a punk band, but each of our songs are different, some slow punk and some fast... (profile)
  174. Gurukefira - Melodic rock (profile)
  175. Sanne Lambert - Alt Rock/Punk (profile)
  176. voodoo pie - Voodoo pie plays an infectious groove based style,taking funk and R&B standards and c... (profile)
  177. Rose Reiter - "Rose Reiter is an audio enigma of stunning proportions. Her mesmerizing blend of ecl... (profile)
  178. West Coast Funk Mob - Funk. Nasty Funk. Dirty Funk. With supernatural hip hop stylings and the live jam ... (profile)
  179. Miller/Eastman Band - We play rock influenced by the blues. Our original music seeks to comment on the worl... (profile)
  180. wretch - an explosion of female fueled rock and roll. hear wretch at (profile)
  181. Brickhouse - BRICKHOUSE is an original band with a vision. A vision that one day, Live music will... (profile)
  182. Brandon C Waardenburg -
  183. Menage A Trois - We are a 3 person band that just started. We all could play instruments and so we tho... (profile)
  184. the WEEDIES - Power Fuzz Fun Rock. Manic melodic vocals and spazzy guitars accompanied by a THUNDE... (profile)
  185. rhoda -
  186. Following Horus - Left field rock w.powerful songs (profile)
  187. Moks -
  188. To be decided...... - Inspirations.... TOOL, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Bjork, The Tea Party, Led Zepp... (profile)
  189. The Beefy Treats -
  190. turkus -
  191. joel timmy shea - This projet is being launched by me, Fener, for you, the weirdos. (profile)
  192. Dreams of Treason - Modern Classic Rock. Led Zeppelin meets the Stone Temple Pilots, with influences from... (profile)
  193. the witness protection program - punk/rocknroll/spazz... (profile)
  194. Linda Maze - "With a band full of top-shelf players behind her, Linda Maze delivers solid grooves ... (profile)
  195. Sack Blabbath - Tribute to the masters of the macabre Black Sabbath (profile)
  196. The Chafed - UP YOURS! (profile)
  197. Leah Abramson - Her music is an intense emotional landscape. A singer-songwriter with an expressive ... (profile)
  198. Mr. Plow - solo acoustic punk folker. GG Allin meets Bob Dylan in a street fight. (profile)
  199. CARNIVAL DIVINE - Dark, intense, melodic alternative rock... (profile)
  200. Life Without Water - Energetic punk-based rock. (profile)
  201. The Capitals - The Capitals are a rock 'n' roll band. Lots of guitar and lots of harmonies. Dig it... (profile)
  202. Arcana - Frantic, Intense, Catchy, Melodic. (profile)
  203. Dave / Steve -
  204. Driven - A big mix of rock, punk, and some really heavy stuff. (profile)
  205. The Absinthe Groove - An ecletic mix of world jazz covering all genres of music: reggae, latin, rock, acid ... (profile)
  206. Mystery Machine - If you don't understand it, smash it. (profile)
  207. Stone n Tumble -
  208. Eugene Ripper - Alternative folk meets modern rock. Eugene Ripper is one of Canada's original punk fo... (profile)
  209. Jaded Jinas - Punk female punk band with lots of horror...influences include New York Dolls, Dead ... (profile)
  210. sound solution - power pop/punk trio hailing from B.C. (profile)
  212. The Singles - The Singles deliver a musical presence, which is the very essence of rock - rebelliou... (profile)
  213. Elle Carling - Think Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and then think Canadian Elle Car... (profile)
  214. Absentee - Guitar led alternative rock fourpiece. Both slow and fast songs. Combining styles f... (profile)
  215. roach ham -
  216. Andrew Thistle - I am a 21 yr old songwriter/guitarist, with vocal ability, looking for others to jam ... (profile)
  217. Creanston Entertainment -
  218. RedCell - Heavy with an industrial edge, RedCell is a mixture of heavy guitars, samples and pow... (profile)
  219. P.U.C.K. Crew - Hick Metal Funk Punk Hip-Hop (profile)
  220. Geoff Peters Trio (jazz) - Versatile jazz trio plays styles ranging from swing to latin-jazz to jazz-rock. (profile)
  221. LEFT IN LINE - We are "LEFT IN LINE" A punk band formed in Jasper,Ab Canada. Our style is unique and... (profile)
  222. Sandra Loratta -
  223. Welkin - The haunting vocals and sonic atmospheric art rock of Vancouver based Welkin have bee... (profile)
  224. Broken Californian - Four piece indie rock/pop from Vancouver, British Columbia. (profile)
  225. Cranston Entertainment -
  226. THE BURN PROJECT 72 -
  227. Cranston Entertainment - Rock/ Pop (profile)
  228. The Grails - "an urgent and visceral, focused and deliberate mixture of both the raw & the pop...g... (profile)
  229. The Rebel Spell - Anthemic street punk with a social conscience. (profile)
  230. Robert James - Dark, edgy sometimes driving guitar rock. In the classic Singer/Songwriter tradition,... (profile)
  231. Newspeak - High-energy, intense, emotion-driven music with powerful melodies and inflections fro... (profile)
  232. Collapsing Opposites - Collapsing Opposites is a solo project by Ryan McCormick. It is one-part singer-songw... (profile)
  233. Automatic Fancy - Automatic Fancy has attempted to mash punk-rock, 70's rock and roll and new wave toge... (profile)
  234. The Morning News - Alt rock with a blend of neo-soul and jazz. (profile)
  235. Shores of Tundra - DEATH METAL!!! We are a brutal DM band from Vancouver with slight NSBM and BM influen... (profile)
  236. rise in the fall -
  237. scott davidson -
  238. Wyld Stallions - Rock. (profile)
  239. Danny Balkwill -
  240. FLOORED - On hiatus. (profile)
  241. William Kuklis - Neo Folk Rock (profile)
  242. Solomon Standing - CD's Available! Hey, come in and take a listen... we're a couple of laid back west c... (profile)
  243. Burn Out West - Intense lyrics and ability to provoke & excite listeners with our powerful performanc... (profile)
  244. Stephen Hedley - Timeless pop songs that draw on a wide variety of influences ranging from motown to r... (profile)
  245. Mothers Fear - High energy heavy rock (profile)
  246. sugarfish -
  247. Hub City Losers Club - THE BIG 3: CLASH- SEX PISTOLS- RAMONES as filtered through bil mcrackins head (profile)
  248. KAEJEMA - FUNKDUBJAZZ groove band (profile)
  249. The Ingredients - We play music, rock music. (profile)
  250. Solid Drummer seeks band - exp'drummer seeks an exp'd, alternitive rock band.I've CD-credits;mid twenties; a dru... (profile)
  251. puya -
  252. Reemer - We play punk rock influenced by NOFX and Alkaline trio-style melodies, laced with reg... (profile)
  253. tommy2toes -
  254. 7th sunn - Heavy metal -- the new meets the old, the best of each -- heavier than your mom. (profile)
  255. jimka -
  256. The Blend - This Band is about Rock'n Roll and the many forms it has taken in the last 40 yrs. (profile)
  257. Cavan - Rock (profile)
  258. Shivermusic - Shiver seamlessly blends heavy chunky guitar riffs with hook-laden melodies to form a... (profile)
  259. klefty - to hear klefty (profile)
  260. Epoxy ruin -
  261. The Spinoffs - Labelling music is stupid. Using references to other bands is also stupid. Yeah, we... (profile)
  262. Lazarazu - Lazarazu is a Vancouver based band featuring former founding members of Grapes of Wra... (profile)
  263. Justin Sane - story-telling rock with-out the vocals..great extreme video music, surfing is an id... (profile)
  264. 54-40 -
  265. The Streels - Celtic / Newfoundland "The best celtic band in Vancouver!" - Atlantic Trap & Gill... (profile)
  266. Automatic Fancy - The Automatic Fancy has somehow managed to mash punk-rock, 70's rock and roll and new... (profile)
  267. Mossy Rocket - Mossy Rocket is a power pop/alt rock band in Vancouver. Highly catchy infectious melo... (profile)
  268. JustStayCalm - We're coming from a punk background and drawing influence from Bruce Cockburn, The Re... (profile)
  269. Omegacrom - A blend of power, thrash, progressive & death metal. Singer Stuie B. has the uncanny... (profile)
  270. Arbo - Music??!?! MUSIQ!? asks ARBO, is much like having a very weak man strangle you, all ... (profile)
  271. Damsel Fly - Alternative Hard Rock (profile)
  272. A N E W D A Y - Hard Rock with flavours of Ska, reggae and metal. (profile)
  273. Duane Miles - variety of soft to hard rock with a twist of folk,country and rythym/blues (profile)
  274. Vancouver Web Radio - All independent music talk and comedy. We are always looking to feature fresh trac... (profile)
  275. Thunderstruck -
  276. Mikey Manville (The Manvils) - Alt Country (i.e Ryan Adams, counting crowes etc) Rock Blues Country Blues Rock R... (profile)
  277. (The) Del Griffiths - Trying to push the extremes in pop song boundaries by inventing our own. In doing so... (profile)
  278. Rene Hugo y sus Amigos - Uptempo nuevo-folkloric music. A tapestry of traditional rhythms and melodies in a co... (profile)
  279. Carman J. Price - vocal jazz & pop (profile)
  281. The Cheapest Option - Indicating what you might like to believe is the truth. It stands among others with ... (profile)
  282. Harrow - A unique blend of hardcore's brutality with the subtleties and sensibilities of post-... (profile)
  283. dirtmitts -
  284. Hunker Down - Rich acoustic take on modern rock.. (profile)
  285. Novastatik - Rock (profile)
  286. The Grange - Whisky driven, honky-tonkn', roots country/electric bluegrass playin' cowpunks! This... (profile)
  287. See No Star - Rock (profile)
  288. Screechin Pygmies - We, The Screechin Pygmies, do our best to fuse the intensity of heavy metal, the atti... (profile)
  289. The Impossible Machine - The Cogs of the machine rose from the bitter battle between love and lovelier. Their... (profile)
  290. MATRIARCH_ - This girl is coming freash out of BC with a distinctive WEST COAST sound to it. Daydr... (profile)
  291. CSP - Grrrr.....Arrrrggggg......Oi! (profile)
  292. Conrad B - Hard/Alternative Rock (profile)
  293. Loaded Bone - Energetic 80's Glam rock. (profile)
  294. KING KARMA - Guitar driven, soulful hard rock with a killer lead singer. (profile)
  295. asmo one - Hip Hop produced and rhymed over by asmo one. A slightly abstract take and outlook on... (profile)
  296. SideSixtySeven - Seriously F**king Fast Skatepunk from the smokey streets of east Van. (profile)
  297. Re:alliam - An Eclectic Explosion of Globally inpired Roots Music.With their unexpected fusion of... (profile)
  298. Lori-Ann Speed - Calming introspective music, beautiful flowing melodies and sensitive expressive play... (profile)
  299. DJ Jaspa - DJ Jaspa offers a new element of precision to the progressive scene, infusing a blend... (profile)
  300. Big Radio - Guitar-driven Hard Rock band from Vancouver, Canada (profile)
  301. Patrick Masse - A country boy with the soulful voice of a crooner, Patrick Masse is winning over new ... (profile)
  302. Satori - Hard, yet melodic rock (profile)
  303. Van gogh's Radio - Alternative pop rock. Catchy melodies with crunchy guitars and lots of harmonies. S... (profile)
  304. The Gummeries - Some would call us "rock", but really we are more of the garage rock type bands such ... (profile)
  305. Noise Control - Hard Rock, Progressive, Alternative. (profile)
  306. Killing Game - Rock and roll that does not conform to the simple plan! (profile)
  307. foregone - heavily melodic brooding bombasts from a dimly lit room (profile)
  308. [tourist] - Captivating. Dynamic. Infectious. Modern. Rock.   Tourist blends the best of both pop... (profile)
  309. ARCTIC - - Ambient alt.pop. - Live looping guitar with vocals. - Improvised arrangements. (profile)
  310. GreenTaRA - Vancouver-based singer/songwriter GreenTaRA performs a distinct hybrid of live acoust... (profile)
  311. Anita Hoare - punchy, fun, ass kicking, party hard rock 'n roll. (profile)
  312. HoseWater - Well...we don't really stick to a single genre. Our songs are either pop punk or hea... (profile)
  313. Steve Jed - Small town sounds from a NYC veteran. This is me, stripped down and informal. A wee... (profile)
  314. Narcissistic - Kick ass metal. Bout time God's new creation walked the Earth. Only here to bring u... (profile)
  315. skarz -
  317. METHOD - Method is a 4 piece all original rock group based out of Vancouver (profile)
  318. camillia -
  319. Filth - Sounds like STP, Godsmack, Deftones and Metallica. (profile)
  320. Kooper Kain - dark heavy synthpop rock. (profile)
  321. A Bent Appeal -
  322. sekoya - soulfull voice, jazzy arrangements with grove electronic sounds (profile)
  323. potus - politicohardcuntemodeathpunk n'roll (profile)
  324. Daedalus - raw power and emotion. what you hear is what you get. daedalus are all about creating... (profile)
  325. the Wannabees - The Wannabees: Vancouver's classic rock experts playing many of the Westcoast's drink... (profile)
  326. Cyanotic - Loud, fast, heavy metal from Van. Think Meshuggah, Fear Factory with a unique twist. (profile)
  327. Feelin' Good w/ matt and brad - Vancouver's only openly gay acoustic rock duo! elton john meets slayer. (profile)
  328. Ty West - Ty West is an acoustic guitar playin' singer / songwriter, weaving together many musi... (profile)
  329. Born of Ashes - A Force That Gives us Meaning is full-bodied with crunching, metal-inflected guitars ... (profile)
  330. Andre Chrys - Thinking man's roots-rock (profile)
  331. Bacon - Heavy and stupid. (profile)
  332. Slammin Jack - Psychedelic dancefloor funk. (profile)
  333. Little Man Syndrome - Emo Rockers Little Man Syndrome have Been resurrected as JACOB (profile)
  334. Inhuman - Anti Religious Black Metal with influences from Mayhem, Emperor, Old Mans Child, etc.... (profile)
  335. H Pisces - Alternative UK/Canadian indie pop rock (profile)
  336. Lights Below - Screamo, Hardcore, and just plain rock, blended together to a tea. (profile)
  337. Sarah Metzner - music that can come to you as a powerful one girl show or an equally powerful one gir... (profile)
  338. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - Mostly we are a noisy old roo-ta-ma-toot, hillbilly carnival, art rock band from Vanc... (profile)
  339. A Sheep at the Wheel - Based in Vancouver, Canada, A Sheep at the Wheel fuses pulsing riff-laden vers... (profile)
  340. anti-up - energetic, in your face melodic punk rock.technical guitar riffs (profile)
  341. Signia - bhangra, dance, soul r&b and a little hip hop, but mostly bhangra. (profile)
  342. Bent Roads - A little rock, a little jazz, a little funk. Lots of jams. (profile)
  343. skyscraper - rock n roll 3 or 4 or 5 piece depending how you count, or if you bother. sounds kind... (profile)
  344. Fluffy Starr - Fluffy Starr is a Vancouver-based electronic rock unit, headed by a girl of the same ... (profile)
  345. Scarecrow Balcony - Influences solidly rooted in 'classic metal' have spawn a musical offspring in the ve... (profile)
  346. bella -
  347. dead leaves - bands we prefer are described as the following according to am... (profile)
  348. Coffeeshop - Our vein of music lies somewhere between The Rolling Stones/Oasis, but dont take my ... (profile)
  349. Geoff Dominy - A cross between Paul Weller, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music, Pete Townsend, Peter Gabriel, ... (profile)
  350. Elliot Langford - My website is basically an excuse for me to have fun and record all sorts of differen... (profile)
  351. Pernell Reichert - I am a folk singer/songwriter/troubadour type/finger picker/some slide playin' player... (profile)
  352. Miss K - I like all types of music....jazz, funk, rock, experimental, you name it. I am curren... (profile)
  353. MACHINIST -
  354. The Rumours - Rock, we're content with a one word description! (profile)
  355. STONEHEAD -
  356. D.O.A. -
  357. To be Completed -
  358. Don Alder - Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist / Singer Songwriter (profile)
  359. the Living - original rock - that's all you can say. Other then that you have to hear it (profile)
  360. Kent McAlister - "Kent McAlister and his band play grab-you-by-the-saddle country music that stays tru... (profile)
  361. Neurochain - female vocals and boys on guitars = rich chocolate layered rock (profile)
  362. Paint - Socially-conscious funkommunication. (profile)
  363. Painr -
  364. Blueprints Are Weapons - Built to Spill meets Botch. Indie math rock ala post-hardcore mathiness. (profile)
  365. PerSwayed - The Band PerSwayed is a progressive original rock band hailing out of Vancouver, BC.... (profile)
  366. Quixotic -
  367. MATRIARCH -
  368. Aboubacar Camara & Doundounba - Aboubacar Camara leads Doundounba in performing West African amasumbou music - a ming... (profile)
  369. Gram -
  370. Nasty On - Nasty On live, play, and listen to timeless, classic rock 'n roll. They also like jaz... (profile)
  371. robert wilcox - Robert writes his own compositions. He is influenced by many artists such as the beat... (profile)
  372. Slytone -
  373. Joanie Loves Chachi - FUN! (profile)
  374. Voxsis - A sultry, sexy, and intoxicating blend of female vocals. (profile)
  375. kyle and khol presents - everything (profile)
  376. SUZY - Acoustic Funk/Soul/Rock with a little bit of beat boxing adding bit of hip hop feel a... (profile)
  377. potential star witness -
  378. The Trevors - We are an emo-punk band from Vancouver B.C. our music is catchy, and our lyrics are m... (profile)
  379. Fear Zero - Rock music with melody and musicianship. (profile)
  380. SWANK - Genetically Modified, No uptown, Corn Swillin', Ass kickin' Fucked up Country and Som... (profile)
  381. aaron lenhardt -
  382. Purgatory - Vomited from the bowels of hell to inflict pain and torture upon the human race. W... (profile)
  383. White Licorice - High energy post rock. (profile)
  384. CHANNELS 3 + 4 - MOOG PRODIGY vs. DRUMSTRUCK BLITZ Voted 6th most "FRIGHTNING SIGHT" of last year in ... (profile)
  385. Edmonton Block Heater - Rock/pop/roots/funk/folk. Picture Wilco, Jayhawsks, Matthew Sweet, Crowded House all ... (profile)
  386. Rubber Road -
  387. Hooligan - Hailing from the streets of Vancouver, Canada. Hooligan brings a relentless West Coas... (profile)
  388. DTV - Loud, in-your-face and melodic (profile)
  389. UNSUNG - Ambient,tantalizing metal. Melodic, and intense. Influences from Tool and Deftones. ... (profile)
  390. Rally Car - Rally Car is a fast emerging new rock band based in Vancouver, B.C.. With an emphasis... (profile)
  391. night sky blue - We hear our music as heavy, catchy and melodic tunes that send a rush through your so... (profile)
  392. north land lumber - "north land lumber is the sound of the wayward beaver meeting its maker on the transc... (profile)
  393. CATAPULT - Stemming from Vancouver's hotbed of local musical talent CATAPULT fuses progressive r... (profile)
  394. Ray Gun - Ass kickin rock Alternative Rock (profile)
  395. Evan Symons - Fucked up art folk electronic pop freak out. (profile)
  396. chandra and paul - accoustic but not folky. (profile)
  397. Moustache Verticale - A mix of groovy, jazzy, popy Funk. (profile)
  398. The Quicksters - We write masterpieces on the spot. (profile)
  399. Three Inches Of Blood -
  400. Caustic Soda Pop -
  401. Tara Holloway - I am: Canadian, I have: a bit of a raunchy voice, my music is: whatever you thin... (profile)
  402. Derek MacNeill - Songs, compositions, lyrics, sound design, arrangements, acoustic-oriented production... (profile)
  403. paulisdead - Loud, noisy, melodic, sometimes jammy, sometimes tight, sometimes falling apart rock ... (profile)
  404. Pure - The band that brought you "Chocolate Bar" and "Lemonade" (profile)
  405. drama-queen - tourettes riddled and A.D.D. inspired...yet girlie:) (profile)
  406. Erin Lee - Classic Urban-Romantic 21st Century Singer-Songerwriter (profile)
  407. The Joint Chiefs - Metal Trashing Mad! The Joint Chiefs We owe a lot to bands like Slayer, Overdose, ... (profile)
  408. Drowning In The Mainstream - POWER GROOVE! (profile)
  409. trilogy the band - our music is influenced from every aspect and genre of music, we all write, and combi... (profile)
  410. G.U.M. - Jazz/Rock/Funk/More. Inspired by everyone from Miles Davis to Nine Inch Nails to Jame... (profile)
  411. Electric Blues Euphoria - Dynamic blues/funk/rock power trio. Think Hendrix/RHCP/SRV/Blues Traveller. Featuring... (profile)
  412. Tom -
  413. Brad Pedwell - A blend of soaring vocal harmonies from one of the most talented, yet tainted voices ... (profile)
  414. Cal Batchelor - Sizzlin', deliciously-mixed bag of blues, R&B, rock and ballads. Original Rockin Blu... (profile)
  415. spygirl - Spygirl is a gripping 6-piece ensemble that shakes and breaks your perceptions of pop... (profile)
  416. black rice - a car crash at the intersection of classic rock and post-punk math rock. (profile)
  417. Jimmy Thow - The best way to describe Jimmy Thow is Justin Timberlake meets Jon Bon Jovi. (profile)
  418. APEXREX - Some might call it rock. Others have called it country-punk. We just call it APEXREX. (profile)
  419. Dead Model Shoot - Music that is moody, hard-hitting, and immensely energetic. Their sound is late 70s... (profile)
  420. The Revision - Solid rock band - taking the scene by storm! This band is composed of a two female f... (profile)
  421. Seventh Image - We are a fusion of several styles including electronic-industrial, metal, ambient, da... (profile)
  422. Tanya Tweten - A soulful blend of R&B and Pop, Tanya Tweten's style has been compared to Nelly Furta... (profile)
  423. str8jackit - System of a Down meets Cypress Hill meets Eminem meets Red Hot Chili Peppers. (profile)
  424. Marq DeSouza - Rock n' roll straight up, no chaser. (profile)
  425. Black Molly -
  426. Flash Mob - With a wide range of musical influences it is really hard to pigeon hole our style. W... (profile)
  427. Lunchline Records - A Punkrock Record Label (profile)
  428. Perfect Strangers - Classical Inspired rock and roll with a personal twist. In your face progressions, va... (profile)
  429. Brent Tyler - Prolific playing with his band or simply a man and his guitar, Brent's rhythmic and p... (profile)
  430. Krome - Modern Hard Rock (profile)
  431. Ettinger - top 40 cover band (profile)
  432. SECONDSTALL - Secondstall is an original blend of new school, old school and hardcore and produce a... (profile)
  433. Setting The Bar -
  434. HEZZAKYA - Heavy Stoner Rock.Thundering bass,pounding drums,heavy as shit guitars and growling v... (profile)
  435. Los Furios - Los Furios is a 6 piece latin ska band from Vancouver. ska, rocksteady, punk, latin, ... (profile)
  436. In 3's - electricjazzartrock! (profile)
  437. Northern Alliance - Its sound-which they describe as "heavy-hop"-merges heavy metal, punk rock, and hip-h... (profile)
  438. Thee Outs - Psychedelic Garage Rock. The Outs exhibit a rawness that is the foundation of Rock a... (profile)
  439. The Manvils - Rock Blues Rock Rock n' Roll ( The Rolling Stones, Blues Explosion, The 22-20's, King... (profile)
  440. The Smokes - Vancouver BC Country/Rock Band - You'll have to hear them to decide for yourself. But you'll discover that The Smokes ... (profile)
  441. Sacred Underground - Progressive Heavy mod alterative rock. Have a heavy sound, samplers but not techno; e... (profile)
  442. Onduleez - The fucking best rock ever (profile)
  443. Dust - Some of the best young alt rock in Vancouver. Go to one of our shows and you'll agree... (profile)
  444. Side Fx - Side fx Are truley the most outstanding rock 'n' roll act of the millenium. performin... (profile)
  445. The 4 Tunes - Offbeat and eclectic a cappella group with a musical style all its own. (profile)
  446. 54*40 - "They make consistently solid albums, deliver excellent live shows and, to come right... (profile)
  447. 80 Proof Yob - Blues 'n Booze based rock and roll (profile)
  448. Lee Aaron - Canada's famous Metal Queen and 2preciious singing sensation is now singing jazz in V... (profile)
  449. Bryan Adams - Good ol' fashioned Canadian Rock and Roll, with lots of testosterone throw on top. (profile)
  450. Another Joe - One of Vancouver's most explosive punk rock bands. (profile)
  451. Bacal - Canadian songwriter, moody, bluesy, original chording, suggests Dylan, Dire Straits, ... (profile)
  452. Tal Bachman - An explosion of exhilarating, hook-laden, timeless pop/rock - in reality, a distillat... (profile)
  453. §låñg - Take rock, blues, punk, reggae, jazz, progressive, metal, throw it up in the air and ... (profile)
  454. Big Cookie - Cornucopian (profile)
  455. The Black Halos - The former Black Market Babies ... straight up punk rock'n'roll! (profile)
  456. Black Market Babies - Punk rock'n'roll from beyond the valley of the (New York) Dolls! (profile)
  457. Blinki - A female-fronted alternative pop-rock band that toured the country promoting las... (profile)
  458. BOSSANOVA - Organ-heavy new wave (profile)
  459. Bounty Hunta Mutineers - BHM is a mixture of traditional reggae with modern dancehall and dub music. We incorp... (profile)
  460. Brundlefly - Dark, hook laden, guitar pop. (profile)
  461. Canadian Bush Party - Proud Canadian Punk. Deal with it. (profile)
  462. Celestial Magenta - All female pop rock band. (profile)
  463. Cinnamon - A four-piece super guitar indie pop band. (profile)
  464. clover honey - 3 popsters combining harmonies, fuzz, and charm to create a beautiful monster! An al... (profile)
  465. Coal - Dreamy, smoky western goth pop noir. (profile)
  466. Cooldown - Funky, slinky, the bastard child of Massive Attack and Morcheeba born on the west coa... (profile)
  467. cozybones - An eclectic mix of rock, pop, trance and funk through a punk rock salad shooter. (profile)
  468. The Creators - Interesting music everyone can curiously enjoy. (profile)
  469. Damn The Diva - It speaks of the hope and anxiety of today, the cares and pains of being human. The m... (profile)
  470. Alicia Dara - Alicia Dara is a gifted songwriter with a stunning voice. Her music is often compared... (profile)
  471. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - Canada's GWAR! Hardcore horror rock/pop/thrash, a deepset fascination with fascinatio... (profile)
  472. GG Dartray & the Spoilers - A delicious and delightful con-cock-tion of melodic rock tunes that soothes the soul ... (profile)
  473. Day Shine Dark - Day Shine Dark combines powerfully driven rock riffs with unbelievably hooky melodies... (profile)
  474. Delerium - A project designed to explore alternate rhythms and influences; a sonic escape from t... (profile)
  475. Diesel Candy - 70's rock mixed with 90's punk. National airplay of Debut CD 'BIG SKY'. Played with B... (profile)
  476. Doug and the Slugs - Starting out by rockin' illegal basement parties, these guys blew the roof off Canada... (profile)
  477. Chanelle Dupre - Chanelle's album contains a myriad collection of groove-oriented, melody driven, pop ... (profile)
  478. Durango's Daughter - Superb songwriting and amazing performances! ... well maybe not quite as flawless as ... (profile)
  479. Econoline Crush - Take a boatload of rock 'n' roll, some electronica and dash of hip-hop, throw it in a... (profile)
  480. ERASE - melodicmetalcore (profile)
  481. Ethers Void - A four peice edgy pop/rock group out of Vancouver with melodic vocals, riff-driven gu... (profile)
  482. Brian Evans - Crooner Brian Evans is Canada's most popular male standards singer. (profile)
  483. Excess For All - Excess For All is Vancouver's premier Synth-Pop band. Their darkly sophisticated use ... (profile)
  484. FLOOZY - Rock and roll from Vancouver. Four piece delivers crunch -- hard, dirty rock and roll... (profile)
  485. Flash Bastard - Hard, gritting shock-rock from the masters of political and musical dissent. (profile)
  486. Flip Nixon - Straight from Vancouver, B.C., Canada...Flip Nixon’s contagious Punk/Pop sound has be... (profile)
  487. Melinda Gidaly - This folk-oriented sound employs challenging lyrics and intricate melodies to captiva... (profile)
  488. Girl 77 - "Explosive, ska-infused, Bowie tripping, power pop," according to Exclaim. (profile)
  489. Glimmer - Alternative, Pop, Hook-Laden Rock! (profile)
  490. gob - One of the hardest hitting, hardest working four pieces in rock 'n' roll. (profile)
  491. Matthew Good Band - Intense rockers to whom "happy" rock music is anathema. (profile)
  492. The Grapes of Wrath - Classic alt. pop-rock. (profile)
  493. Helen Gone - Acoustronica. Original acoustic pop. Perform with acoustic guitars, upright bass, and... (profile)
  494. Hissy Fit - Punk Rock and Roll. We love bands and people that rock flat out and we hate whiney ba... (profile)
  495. Rich Hope - Blazing rock 'n roll, rootsy twang and straight-from-the-heart laments. Americana, if... (profile)
  496. Images In Vogue - electronic almost-pop, almost-dance, almost-industrial, almost-rock music of the 80s (profile)
  497. Colin James - Pure rock and roll. The man plays a mean guitar, knows his blues and can swing like n... (profile)
  498. Jazzberry Ram - Highly crafted pop songs in a variety of genres, such as hip hop, ska and rock. (profile)
  499. The Kelly Affair - Partridge K-Tel pop music (profile)
  500. Bob Kemmis - Singer/songwriter with intelligence and wit. Folk or roots rock would best describe t... (profile)
  501. Cevin Key - After Skinny Puppy, there evolves an intelligent construction of erratic rhythms, el... (profile)
  502. Kim Kuzma - Straight ahead pop melodies woven through R&B vocal stylings. Kim Kuzma has a beauti... (profile)
  503. Larry - Singer/songwriter/muckraker (profile)
  504. Limblifter - Like a three-speed record changer, these fellas (Brothers Ryan and Kurt Dahle of Age ... (profile)
  505. LOUD - LOUD are an all female trio who combine taiko drums, electric guitar, accordion and f... (profile)
  506. Loverboy - Canadian Rock and Roll at it's 80's best. One of Canada's most internationally succes... (profile)
  507. Mad Pudding - Internationally acclaimed Canadian Celtic Funk band MAD PUDDING is renowned for fun-f... (profile)
  508. Mazinaw - Heartfelt rock music with soaring melodies. Vetran players from Vancouver unite to f... (profile)
  509. Sarah McLachlan - This beautiful songstress from Halifax has conquered the world. Her luscious voice, t... (profile)
  510. Holly McNarland - Melodic rock anthems from a powerful, graceful singer and a great band. (profile)
  511. The McRackins - Canada's most prolific punk band. Pop Punk the way it was meant to be. (profile)
  512. Linda McRae - Alternative roots and country by ex-Spirit of the West member (profile)
  513. Shawn Meehan Band -
  514. MIDGE - Modern Agressive (profile)
  515. Moev - Since its first inception in 1981, Moev's shimmering soundscape has included an into... (profile)
  516. The Moffatts - Use to play and sing country, but now it's pop/ROCK. Emphasis on ROCK. It DOES NOT S... (profile)
  517. montana - 30 guitars, warm & fuzzy for you...thurston moore and tom petty trying to outdrink ea... (profile)
  518. Morning Maker - Full Rock!!! This guitar-driven band has written their songs with a stadium audience... (profile)
  519. Mudgirl - Fun pop by the other personality of Kim Bingham (formerly of Me Mom & Morgentaler). (profile)
  520. The Mustangs - Rootsy Country Rockers, The Mustangs combine acoustic and electric guitars and soarin... (profile)
  521. My Buddy Dave - My Buddy Dave is a mixture of rock and punk together. With funny lyrics and a good s... (profile)
  522. Bif Naked - Funny, angry, intelligent, punk-rock music by one of Canada's greatest underground di... (profile)
  523. Nardwuar The Human Serviette - A Shining Canadian Icon, CiTR Radio God, Chart columnist, Record Company Executive an... (profile)
  524. Nickelback - Hard, mind-blowing rock. (profile)
  525. Noise Therapy - Hard edged "pogo-groove" -user friendly and packaged for great performance and durabi... (profile)
  526. Nomadic Sanctuary - dark, melodic rock from the west coast. (profile)
  527. Odds - The music is equal parts Badfinger and The Replacements, a little Big Star, a dash of... (profile)
  528. O&V - stratospheric rock
  529. The Orchid Highway - With echoes of 60's beat pop in the mix, their madly energetic and colourful stage sh... (profile)
  530. Diane Pancel -
  531. Ashley Park - From the very beginning it felt like "Yours Truly" didn't belong out here, growing up... (profile)
  532. Perpetual Dream Theory - eclectic acousto-electric alternative to alternative. (profile)
  533. Pilgrims of the Mind - Sexy and soulful house and downtempo (profile)
  534. Pluto - Pop rock. (profile)
  535. Prestige - Pop - With pictures and samples of their music, their website is the best place to le... (profile)
  536. Radio Berlin - A post-punk band from Vancouver BC playing on the styles of bands such as The Cure, S... (profile)
  537. RALPH - Coffee, Jazz, and Poetry. Garage Rock Beatnik. (profile)
  538. Random Order - Ska, Surf and Punk. An 8-piece band that really knows how to lay down the groove. (profile)
  539. Rascalz - One of Canada's best Hip-hop crews, with DJ Kemo, Red-1, Misfit, Dedos and Zebrock. (profile)
  540. The Real McKenzies - Scottish punk rawk! (profile)
  541. The Retreads - One of Vancouver's most happening Punk bands. Featuring two ex-members of The McRacki... (profile)
  542. Sheila Ryan - Beautiful celtic music. Irish Harp & Guitar. (profile)
  543. Rye Catchers -
  544. Rymes With Orange - Fun, funky rock and pop that is unbelievably catchy and never dull. (profile)
  545. [S]hort [B]ack and [S]ides - No genres, just melodic constructive music. Any style. Fast slow loud quiet. No preco... (profile)
  546. Saturnhead - Underground indie pop lo-fi (profile)
  547. Kathy September - Kathy September’s self-titled debut EP is a “must listen to”. Produced by Steve S... (profile)
  548. Dylan Kaye Sharpe - Hybridized jazz standards, rock classics and original works are explored through the ... (profile)
  549. Sight UNseen - folk-funk-rock fusion and experimental vocal stuff. Melodic and harmonic. (profile)
  550. Socratic Method - Groove Metal edge with Classic and Progressive Rock appeal. Diverse and expansive. (profile)
  551. Solarbaby - Iggy Pop meets John Lennon. (profile)
  552. soulDecision - Once known as "Indecision", this young trio blends rock, pop, hip hop, soul - you nam... (profile)
  553. speedbump - Rock'n'roll isn't dead. Need proof? Check out this four piece band. speedbump rocks. (profile)
  554. Star Collector - Mod / Power-pop / Brit-pop (profile)
  555. STARFLY - Blending several unique styles,lyrics and music are memorable, hooky, and infectious. (profile)
  556. Substate Reactor - The state has become a collective thought process exploring the dissemination of raw ... (profile)
  557. Sump Oil - "My material reflects my influences. I was inspired by Deep Purple, Pat Travers and a... (profile)
  558. Sun Like Star - A blend of guitar driven rock with the contemporary elements of elektronika. (profile)
  559. swank o'hara - gloriously hummable pop music. some have called it "artpop", "smartpop" and "thinking... (profile)
  560. Uzume Taiko - "Uzume is Japanese for Goddess of Laughter, Taiko for big drum. The latter part of th... (profile)
  561. Team Strike Force - Rock vs. pop? Mid-fi? (profile)
  562. Templar - The songs are aggressive without being bombarding, the vocals are distinct and melodi... (profile)
  563. Ten Foot Pole - High-speed punk rock so addictive that the government might ban it as a controlled su... (profile)
  564. Threat From Outer Space - Threat From Outer Space are Vancouver's Undisputed Originators of "New School Funk",... (profile)
  565. Transvestimentals - Glamorous, gender bending, girl, guy, guy? girl? punk, party band. (profile)
  566. Trash Bandits - Glam/Punk as it was meant to be. With all the sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll that you ca... (profile)
  567. Trooper - "Canadian rock heroes of the first order ... the best performing band in Canada." - T... (profile)
  568. Trucker -
  569. Twist - Dynamic modern rock, saturated with hook laden melodies and soul crushing grooves. (profile)
  570. uberband - pop/rock with a rootsy feel (profile)
  571. Uncle Sid - Uncle Sid are a guitar driven Hard Rock band from Vancouver,BC Canada. Our music is m... (profile)
  572. undermars - 4 guys 7 eyes special pop rock (profile)
  573. USER - Gut rippin, head spinin outta control, USER (profile)
  574. Veal - A delightfully laid-back trio that mixes roots and idiosyncratic alt-rock. (profile)
  575. Velvet Circus - This alternative band pushes the limits and layers throaty velvet vocals with a mel... (profile)
  576. Very Mediocre - Very Mediocre is an eclectic of sound that combines funk, rock and phat riffs to crea... (profile)
  577. Vitamin Voodoo - A healthy dose of magic music that will stimulate you to levels of great positivi... (profile)
  578. Winston - 2003 CFOX Seeds Winners (profile)
  579. wretch - Fast and furious females blowing your ears off with raunchy rawk. (profile)
  580. Zubot and Dawson - Eclectic acoustic instrumental group from Vancouver, featuring slide guitar, weissenb... (profile)
  581. Zumpano - Zumpano's predilection for pop/rock makes them popular for all ages. Influences inclu... (profile)

Vancouver / London

  1. emaline delapaix -

Vancouver Island

  1. Eric Westbury - Dark atmospheric alternative country roots rock folk-bluegrass with a Texas twang, we... (profile)
  2. Excited First Daughter - Rock, and more rock. (profile)

Vancouver, BC

  1. KYLA RAWLINS - Singer/Songwriter, Kyla Rawlins is powerful, original and very passionate. Go to web... (profile)

Vancouver, Richmond, Lower Mainland

  1. Second - Diverse rock with a unique melodic and emotional edge. (profile)


  1. Brad Fougere - Begining my songwriting career with covers of my inspirations in the range of Ben Har... (profile)


  1. Nunstalker - This unit unleashes fast, tight, aggressive, hook-driven punk rock. They use their co... (profile)


  1. Enemies of the State -


  1. Parlour Steps -


  1. Samsara - a Hybrid of reggae, funk, soca & poprock. The sound is like No other, deep grooves, ... (profile)
  2. As Of Now - Heavy metal with a groove,and all the stops are pulled out in the live show. (profile)
  3. Shattered Tone - Our Music is based on an all original rock to alternative rock. (profile)
  4. Days To Remember - Combining rock, emo, punk and original material to form a fast melodic sound with sol... (profile)
  5. kingpin - we live in vernon bc. we jam becuase well its sweet man (profile)
  6. Kik-Bak - We are a working cover band playing classic rock/top 40 in the Okanagan, Kootney, and... (profile)
  7. Brian Taylor - Catchy, classic rock/pop. Interesting songs that stick in your head. Unique harmoni... (profile)
  8. The faithful - We suck cock (profile)
  9. Synthetik Beingz - Turntablist muzik at it's finest. Basicly we mix up everything from metal to child si... (profile)
  10. thief - Beckish like samples/sequences mixed to guitars to voice and beyond. Tight pop packa... (profile)
  11. Channel Eight -
  12. Curbside Music Co. - CMC is a five piece hard rockin groove phunky phreestylee jamesgue type thingy. ... (profile)
  13. keepsix - crunchy,heavy guitars with metal/hardcore/punk influence.booming bass with some slap ... (profile)
  14. Wishing Well - Five-piece melodic progressive punk band with an intensely energetic live show and ha... (profile)
  15. Redfish - Rock (profile)
  16. Upbringing - High energy guitar rock with powerful vocals. (profile)
  17. The Rubber Maids - ... (profile)
  18. CPUWAR - technological ghettobeats (profile)
  19. one small step - Rock and Roll with funky style beats. (profile)
  20. Torley Wong, A Techno Kid - Orchestral Techno/Intelligent Dance Music similar to Aphex Twin, J.S. Bach, Robert Mi... (profile)


  1. Cam Shiyuk -


  1. Shortfall - Fast melodic Punk Hardcore. (profile)
  2. griefer - malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others (profile)
  3. Johnny Action Figure - Please see the entry for Ghost of Science. (profile)
  4. Davyd van Ziegler -
  5. mindlesssexmagik -
  6. The Perish Alien Rock Theatre -
  7. The Perish Alien RockTheatre - Original PROGRESSIVE ROCK music composed by Jeff Noyes and Christine Battiston. Their... (profile)
  8. Jesse Brown - A singer/piano player/song writer largely influenced by such artists as Elton John, ... (profile)
  9. Christine Evans - Still only 14 years old, Christine has been singing and writing songs since she was s... (profile)
  10. One Will Fall - Heavy melodic, dark and intense (profile)
  11. BigMuff - hard -hitting diva driven vixen rock; (profile)
  12. Fuzz -
  13. One Drop - One Drop is a shit mix of punk rawk/reggae/ska and dub. One Drop switches it up for t... (profile)
  14. Nameless - Nameless are a very versatile band. Their sound has been labled as nu metal. The son... (profile)
  15. KickShaw - High-energy acoustic rock with a strong funk influence. (profile)
  16. OVERSOUL - Completely Original rock and roll/metal music focused on true expression, consisting ... (profile)
  17. TrickTurner - fast/technical/harmonic/punk (profile)
  18. Used Taxi -
  19. Garage Band # 8 and the Robot Waitress Girl - Garage Band # 8 and the Robot Waitress girl create a large variety of eclectic music.... (profile)
  20. iRiS - True slap-ya-upside-the-head pop rock (profile)
  21. Goin' NoWhere - Just imagine...An 80 foot high wall of sound hitting you with such force-you'd swear ... (profile)
  22. BRAND NEW MACHINE - Dynamic modern rock band from the west coast of Canada.Must be seen live! (profile)
  23. Armchair Cynics - Modern rock. (profile)
  24. Charupakurrn -
  25. Gorilla Monsoon - Funk Metal - If you take some Rage Against The Machine, mix it with some Slipknot, a ... (profile)
  26. The Foolish Mortals - We are a band like any other that has gone through a number of changes over the past ... (profile)
  27. LUMPy - LUMPy combines styles from hardcore punk, blues, jazz, metal, rock, swing and funk in... (profile)
  28. Threat Of The End - female fronted deep heavy melodic-core alternative rock with metal influence (profile)
  29. Jacob's Fall - Hard Melodic Rock (profile)
  30. Sonic Doom - Total Metal!! old skool style (profile)
  31. The Pricks - Punk N Roll (profile)
  32. Jets Overhead - The Jets Overhead sound situates rock and roll immediacy in the context of a more hyp... (profile)
  33. The Vendors - We are a very young Alternative Rock 3 piece, who put on an intense live show, and ta... (profile)
  34. Currentswell - Beach music thats has blues and hiphop sounds (profile)
  35. B.K. Morrison - -Rock, R&B, Blues, Doo-Wop and occasionally a country tune- (profile)
  36. zolabud - An old school Rock'n'Roll band, with a 70's classic rock sound. (profile)
  37. Carmen Hillary Band - From Rock to Etherial Pop. My original material could be described as Tori Amos and ... (profile)
  38. Ahcri - Lazy electronic music made with various samples, arranged in a way that makes your bl... (profile)
  39. Hot Rod Paananen -
  40. Amps To Eleven - Powerfull Guitar rock, mixing the sounds of the Black Halos, with melodic grunge band... (profile)
  41. Until We Have Faces - We're a strange sinister kinda hardcore band, our influences are pretty varied so I'm... (profile)
  42. bloodwarmers - swinging skanken horns ,pork pies full of sweat.Trad. west coast style ska fusion (profile)
  43. Take It Home - Take it Home's tunes are showcases for road-hardened chops and crafty inventiveness. ... (profile)
  44. Ghost of Science - "Thought Rock". Lyrics that mean something, songs you don't need to be spoonfed to e... (profile)
  45. NUVO WAVO - NUVO WAVO is a high energy party band playing the coolest tunes from the New Wave Era... (profile)
  46. the greensides - an acoustic/electric mix that creates a sound ranging from folk to rock, and shows in... (profile)
  47. Frog Eyes - Remarkable, at times heart wrenching, sometimes so dark...unique to say the least. Fr... (profile)
  48. That '70s Band - THE BEST TIME YOU'VE HAD IN YEARS!! Classic '70s hits played by long-time professiona... (profile)
  49. Supernova - sOO"pur-nO'vah - the enormous release of energy from an explosion of an old star givi... (profile)
  50. NUMBULUST - The Numbulust sound is hard to fit into one specific genre...kind of like trying to p... (profile)
  51. Silver Tongue Devils - Rock and Roll the way is was meant to be played.....Be sure to get your fill of STD ! (profile)
  52. Mean Free Path - Hard hitting old school metal meets new school. (profile)
  53. aidan knight - eclectia. (profile)
  54. After Dark - Hard hitting rock band with no guitars. The sound is empowered with heavy bass and dr... (profile)
  55. Semi-Louise - Semi-Louise is meander-pop. (profile)
  56. The Habitat - The Habitat plays a unique blend of driving punkrock, alternative rock, and deep puls... (profile)
  57. black tie social - music. (profile)
  58. Big Head Alien - We are a straight up Rock band from Victoria B.C. (profile)
  59. Next of Kin - Up-tempo rock that sticks in the back of your head. (profile)
  60. likeyousaid - bare bones melodic roll (profile)
  61. Where's Veronica? - Music for a Spy Movie Soundtrack (File under: Hard Funk, Spy Rock, Space Rock etc.) (profile)
  62. RantMusic - Intense, raw, high-powered, folk-punk style flavoured with East European and African ... (profile)
  63. One Track Mind - Victorian High Quality Ska (profile)
  64. Submecca - Heavy Rock/Alternative Metal (profile)
  65. smoked out brainzzzz - We are a heavy gooved out psychadelic band with a solid bass and rhythm section compa... (profile)
  66. PhatMase - Hip-hop at its finest, funkiest, and freshest. PhatMase delivers high energy westcoas... (profile)
  67. Fear of Success - Rock n' Roll (profile)
  68. Kickback - Kickback are a good ol'hard rock band from Duncan BC. Influenced by the riffs of Sabb... (profile)
  69. The Mcgillicuddys - Celtic Punk (profile)
  70. The Moonshine Revellers - Folk-rock. Woody Guthrie meets The White Stripes. (profile)
  71. smoked out brainzzz -
  72. woolly mammoth - bare bones melodic roll (profile)
  73. Nemesis Extinction Factor - So much more than your average METAL band.........Good songs,seasoned players and an ... (profile)
  74. Good Nite Irene - "Slow core melodies and haunting lyrics." (profile)
  75. Alcoholic White Trash - Real punk rock & roll (profile)
  76. Stephen Franke & Noises from the Toolshed - Jazz, Funk, Blues, Gypsy Swing (profile)
  77. Jell -
  78. Special Blend - Backwoods newgrass roots music with the grit still attached. Goosebump harmony vocal... (profile)
  79. Jell -
  80. Grace Nocturnal - Rock and Roll, or... Late 60's garage and psychedelic, early 70's glam rock, and 80's... (profile)
  81. Kincaide - We're a heavy rock band. The term screamo tends to come up a lot. We like to write an... (profile)
  82. Abuse Of Power - Vancouver Island's LOUDEST Band - More Marshall's than all the Victoria store's combi... (profile)
  83. The Special Guests! - infectious guitar rock with a strong pop groove (profile)
  84. mc overwelm -
  85. the Birth of Sickness show - a groovy combo of dualing rifs and deathmetal power... raw metal at its finest.. (profile)
  87. Compound -
  88. Dan Politano - Listen for Dan's new single "Light My Soul on Fire", on Hot AC radio across Canada fr... (profile)
  89. Darth Brooks - machine driven three piece pounding out the death twang for all the nice people. (profile)
  90. Dayglo Abortions - "When it comes down to defining stupid, ignorant, dirty, snotty punk rock, nobody bea... (profile)
  91. Dizzy - The true DIZZY is Powerfull, Intensive kick your Ass and make you cry like a little b... (profile)
  92. Fan Tan Alley - Fan Tan Alley writes melodic alt-rock music with an edge. (profile)
  93. FENDERBAUM - fenderbaum is a pop punk band (profile)
  94. Nelly Furtado - An amazingly talented 21-year-old Canadian-Portuguese hip-hop/folk/pop girl from Vict... (profile)
  95. Jeffery Sez - Independent Canadian Rock Band. (profile)
  96. James Kasper - James Kasper's music is best described as alternative-folk. His songs are often seemi... (profile)
  97. Lift - Terrifyingly groovy, maniacally upbeat, and, at times, poignantly gentle, Lift is psy... (profile)
  98. Meatlocker Seven - BC modern Death metal lite. (profile)
  99. Mae Moore - Mae Moore is a songwriter, performer, visual artist and international recording artis... (profile)
  100. PURRr - Female-fronted, Angst-Rock Torch Songs with pelt-soft melodies. (profile)
  101. SNIF - Double Female Fronted Alt/Metal band from the west coast.With two world class female ... (profile)
  102. Spirit of the West - Not just great musicians who play high-energy Celtic-folk-pop songs with bittersweet ... (profile)
  103. Squish - This is a great up and coming band who plays a mix of pop, celtic and rock. The powe... (profile)
  104. Undergo -
  105. VXpanded - Ambient, melodic, techno-electronic rhythmic trancescapes.. (profile)


  1. DOUBLE DIAMOND - Double Diamond is a 11 piece tribute to Neil Diamond show group.The group features Bi... (profile)

West Kootenays

  1. "The Ride" boogieband - Rockin' Boogie Blues twisted with Classic Rock spanning 4 decades. (profile)

West Vancouver



  1. Peek-A-Boo - I'm a graphic designer, and if any band needs a logo or cd cover made up, please feel... (profile)

Westbank BC

  1. Arch-Angel Design - Any Type of Music (profile)


  1. John Francis - Well, the problem is ive rarely heard my music. But I have written two albums and am ... (profile)


  1. The High Five - Explosive, unrepentant, and always unforgiving, The High Five never hesitate to leave... (profile)
  2. Whole Damn County -
  3. slush - melodic punk (profile)
  4. Slow Nerve Action - Porn Funk....check website for all info (profile)

White Rock

  1. Anger and After - influences include: My Chemical Romance, Finch, Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, Gr... (profile)
  2. Cryogenic - A mixture of intense modern metal combined with heartfelt singing come together to fo... (profile)
  3. Tracy Forsyth - Assertive(!) folk. Very unique. Tracy sings from her soul with a powerful and beau... (profile)
  4. Jonathan Inc. - Sonicallly stimulating pop for sophisticated thinkers. (profile)

Williams Lake

  1. DJ DUSTBUNNY - music that will make you think twice lol (profile)
  2. The Evil Groove -
  3. Fueled By Fire -
  4. 3¢ Hero - Hey its the 3¢Hero drummer here! I dont mean to brag but we really kick ass!! i love ... (profile)
  5. The Box Policy - We take our influences from many different punk rock bands such as Blink 182, AFI, Bi... (profile)
  6. wreckd - 4 guys from williams lake with influences ranging from rock and metal right to punk a... (profile)
  7. Longhaul - High energy music from a little town in BC. A punk influence with a bit of ska and h... (profile)
  8. Zigger Nigger - Nu-metal and other related genres (profile)
  9. The Evil Groove - Groove Rock (profile)
  10. daddy J - my style is mine,if you dont believe, grab a copy of my album"Black Moses" (profile)
  12. Split Second Decision - WE BROKE UP (profile)
  13. Lubricated Cerial - Ignore this entry, we changed our name (profile)
  14. Topless Reuben - We are like a mixture of gangsta rap, christian rock, ska, hip hop, pop, reggae, funk... (profile)
  15. Comfortably Dumb -
  17. Allway - 3 boys from the laketown delivering a high energy show with influence ranging from ol... (profile)
  18. 3rd Rate - Crappy punk rock (profile)
  19. Not Quite Sober - Yarhooie's the name, Not Quite Sober's The Game. (profile)
  20. Dumpweed - [The OFFICIAL Dumpweed Profile] Melodic Skate punk with our own little twist. (profile)
  21. ::Dumpweed:: - ::We've got a boxcar racer / blink 182 sound, only, different. That's just the close... (profile)
  22. 3 Cent Hero - We're a punk band from williams lake. we play all different kinds of punk ranging fro... (profile)
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